April 15, 2020

Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Yoghurt will now be serving you through contactless deliveries!

Amid the Covid-19 lockdown, Domino’s pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt have temporarily suspended its dine-in service but remains open for business.

Customers are now advised to use its fully digital options by placing all orders online to receive a fully contactless doorstep delivery.

This is to ensure that, all lovers of Pizza, ice cream and frozen yogurt can still satisfy their cravings while maintaining social distancing, self-isolating and complying with all safety and hygiene measures as instructed by the World Health Organisation.

For Domino’s pizza, you can place your order online using the website or with the Domino’s Pizza Nigeria app and your favorite flavors will be brought to your doorstep through contactless delivery. This means your order will be dropped-off without direct contact or cash exchange with the delivery man as all payments are to be done online at the time of order.No photo description available.

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Pinkberry Yoghurt and Cold Stone Creamery lovers aren’t left out of this as all orders can now be made on Jumia foods. With a few clicks, you can have your favorite flavors and delicious toppings delivered to you in minutes.

Staying home might not be entirely boring after all as you can easily switch to the digital side of food for your orders and never miss the yumminess they bring.Image may contain: pizza and food

Let’s all remember that in the fight against this global pandemic, we can all do this together by staying at home but still enjoying the things we love.

Don’t forget to stay updated and follow all three brands on social media as you may just be in for some freebies!