COVID-19: Social distancing, food security, hygiene, path-way to curb pandemic

By Arc. Kabir Ibrahim

Good Medical science and technology would have stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic in the US and most of Europe.

I bet the pandemic is defying the abundance of wealth and influence as well as military might.

In Africa where extreme poverty and lack of medical facilities can be a serious risk factor in the containment of the pandemic, a veritable prevention protocol is a paramount option.

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Testing for the infection, social distancing and eating a balanced diet will go along way in the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Nigeria, the majority of the people have to work daily to be able to feed their families while the COVID-19 pandemic forces the lockdown of most communities.

The call to remain at home may not be totally adhered to largely because most people do not have food reserves or money to buy food.

There are complaints all over stemming from lack of the necessary provisions to make life, during the lockdown, a-bit easier for the generality of the people.

To make things easier the Government needs to provide readily available drinking water and other amenities such as food banks and enough food items in strategic grains reserves at subsidized prices to assist the people.

The level of preparedness should be bolstered sustainably because no one knows when the pandemic will subside.

The energy sector should be addressed to make life more livable so that the lockdown order will be readily obeyed.

The choice left to us is the observance of continuous testing and social distancing before opening the communities and thereby the economy.

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We must factor the limitations of lockdown in the face of the weakness of our economy and accentuate testing and prevention as the most veritable options for the containment of the pandemic.

We must go to our farms to produce food for the nearly 200,000,000 mouths to feed otherwise the lack of food will be a more severe tragedy than the COVID-19 pandemic, God forbid.

Food security is the only sustainable option for the mitigation of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic both here and the world over.

Arc. Kabir Ibrahim wrote in from Kastina State



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