Fr. Mbaka

By Chinedu Adonu

Adoration Ministry, Enugu has disclosed that Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka prophesied death and famine in Nigeria and the whole world five years ago which the recent Covid-19 global pandemic has fulfilled.
This was made known in the ministry’s news bulletin made available to Vanguard by its spokesman, Barr. Maximus Ugwuoke.
Ugwuoke who maintained that several prophecies by Fr. Mbaka on issues affecting Nigeria have come to pass, regretted that many people instead of seeking a solution to the prophecy were in habit of attacking the priest whenever he releases prophecies.
While clarifying that Fr. Mbaka prophesied on the pandemic in separate messages on 24th June and 8th July 2015 and a follow up during December 31st, 2019 crossover night message, said the priest called for a divine solution like in the days of Ebola Epidemic.
“The present death and hunger which the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world were prophesied by Fr Mbaka five years in the year 2015 precisely on 24th June and 8th July 2015 in his video messages titled “Disaster is coming” and “Pray against Death and Famine” respectively. Fr Mbaka and the worshippers in the church that day shed tears as Fr Mbaka delivered the message.

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Below were his exact words: “Listen to this message, a time of death and famine is about coming. Listen to this message, a famine time and a time of death is about coming. Death and famine are two horrible marital partners. When death becomes the man and famine becomes the wife and they give birth what will be the name of their child?  I am pleading, anybody is free to attack this message or discredit it, but remember that all I have prophesied none failed to come true.
“I am on my knees pleading anyone listening to this message to start taking care of the much or little you have now. Don’t think that it will continue to be well this way. The night is about to come at noon. Death and hunger are about entering the land. Please whoever will listen to this message I plead that you begin to manage well what you have. Don’t think that this favourable time will continue like this. A season is coming; it will be like darkness in the day time. Death and famine are coming to hit the land. But I cover the children of God with the blood of Jesus”.
“Famine time and death time calls for prayers. With prayers, we can avert the death season and the famine season.  I am prophesying protection in this time of death visitation.  Mbaka prays for protection upon the Children of God in this season as the death is on the way. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in this prophetic season to deliver without adding or subtracting whatever the Holy Spirit reveals. Listen to me, my people. a dangerous season is coming. We are like people sitting on a keg of loaded gun powder. Any accidental discharge of fire will result in a horrible explosion and the imaginable situation will be terribly horrific.  All we are praying is that God will guide us with wisdom. Famine is coming. Death is preparing to attack and stroke.
“Heavenly Father, we pray for Divine solution. Once more during the visitation of the Ebola Epidemic, You gave us the Divine Solution. You attacked Ebola by Yourself. The hour has come again. There is another horrible vision of mass death, death in quantum with horrible famine.  We stand in the power of your word in Psalm 33:18-19, father, your Word says that your eyes are upon your children who put their trust in you for you will keep them alive from death and famine. You will deliver us because you are merciful. We pray for our deliverance from death and famine. May God deliver our families from death and famine.
“What is coming is a respecter of nobody. It is going to attack A and B. It will try to reach the’ Z’ but I know that God will not allow it to destroy all. There must be a remnant, there must be a surviving Joseph, there must be a dreamer, Joseph, there must be visional Joseph, there must be a dream interpreter, Joseph.  There must be a prophetic Joseph. Father, give us Joseph at this time. May all the churches in this world have courageous Josephs who will be able to announce, interpret, proclaim and be able to carry about the supernatural charisma and prophetic interpretation of whatever the Holy Spirit reveals.  May God do this for us and take the glory.
“We need to pray hard. Voice of prayers should be everywhere.  Everybody must be a gap personality. Ezekiel 22:30 says ‘I looked for who will be standing on the gap and I found nobody. May God raise for us at this time people that will stand in the gap for us at this time. Because at that season, hunger will hit the church and places of worship. People will be looking for where to hear the word of God.
“When this season we are prophesying would come, many are going to be beggars in families that are doing well.  Many that were lenders are going to be borrowers. Something is going to happen in the land, many people are going to cry. There are tears here and there in the Spiritual. We are praying for God to intervene. Father, please intervene, Jesus intervenes, Holy Spirit intervenes. The land is getting hotter and hotter. All over the land, the North, South, East and West will hear the sound. There will be wailing and tears all over the land. Death and famine everywhere Holy Adonai, appear and save us. Only Jesus can save us at this time.
“At that season that is revealed to Mbaka, people will be afraid to go to church. The offering basket will be empty and the priest and pastors will be hungry. People will be looking for pastors and priests to preach to them. A horrible time is coming. I am praying with the might that is prophetic under spiritual humility. As a priest of God, I am standing here at the gap for my people. Father at this season, the Priests shall become sacrificial elements. Many priests at this season may become martyrs. It is a time of bloodshed. Please Holy God, in your holiness and righteousness, avert this danger. There will be hunger in the farm, hunger in the Banks, hunger in families and hunger in the church, but the gate of hell shall not prevail.
“At the end of the drama, God will evolve a supernatural solution. I pray that we shall be alive to experience the end of the story because the season is bad, the season is satanic, the hour is satanic. Jesus says that the whole world is under the hand of the evil one. Oh Lord save us. In Matthew 1:21, your name is Jesus because you will save your people. Save us O Lord Jesus. Please deliver us, in your name, may we hear goodbye to famine and to this death. Many cannot see what we are seeing now, it is a horrible time that is coming. What is coming may defy every human solution, every political solution, every military solution. America cannot find a solution over it.  Many will cry, many will run from North to the South, man will run helter-skelter to where? Where is the place of rest and safety?
“Do charity, do charity fast. Go to the sanctuary, remain in the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapels, pray and pray and pray. Only God can avert this disaster that is coming. The tide is about to happen, many types of blood are about to be wasted; only Jesus can save us.  What has never happened wants to start happening, there are tears in the whole land only Jesus can save us. The land is filled with tears and misery in the families, there are deaths left and right, only Jesus can save us.
“If you shall help those that you are better than, if the rich should remember the poor it will save us. If this is not done the rats and lizards will be on the run.  That person that is thinking that he is rich today is not sure if he would be alive to enjoy that wealth. People will run from different places. God deliver us. There will be chaos from the places of Leadership, Churches and market places. Hunger is coming. If you have no time for the word of God, begin to have it now. If you have no time for Holiness of life, begin to have it now. It will come like a thief; many who are laughing now are going to cry. It is a dangerous time. It is a cancerous season… “O Lord, please don’t allow this evil to come true. It has been revealed where the night came in the day, there was no one to run to for refuge because no one is safe. Fight for your people Lord and by yourself say goodbye to death and famine. Holy Spirit we need you at this hour. Please destroy all these ugly serpents and kill this cobra of death that is about to destroy the life of your people.
“Nursing mothers would say had I known I would not have delivered at this season, pregnant mother would say had I known I would not have been pregnant at this season. People would say if I had known I would not have gone to the market that day, some would say had I known I would not have gone to the church that day. Deliver us O Lord from the day of had I known, in Jesus name.
“Let the priests of God go to the sanctuary for aggressive prayer campaign. Jesus in the tabernacle is waiting to see us praying.  For in Isaiah 30:18, he will grant us his mercy and He will be gracious to us when we cry to Him. In Isaiah 69:9,  He will cry with us and send His Angel of Deliverance. In the book of Jeremiah 39:18, He promised us deliverance. In Psalm 68:20 your word says that you will deliver us from death. Deliver us from this imminent death, O God of Host”, the report reads.


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