April 9, 2020

Covid-19: Imam in Kaduna loses position for complying with social distancing order


By Idowu Bankole

Sheik Malam Abubakar Sarkin Aminu the Imam of Khamsu-Salawat of Abubakar Gumi Juma’at Mosque, Lowcost, Zaria-Kaduna, has on Wednesday lost his position as the Imam for complying with Kaduna State Government’s order on avoiding social and religious gatherings.

Sheik Mallam Sakin Abubakar, the Imam of Khamsu Salawat Abubakar Gumi Juma’t mosque was accused of stopping the 5 daily congregational prayers.

The Imam, according to sources had to restrict the daily prayers owing to the large number of people attending the mosque, a measure aimed at containing the spread of Coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world.

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This move, however, cost him his position as the Imam of the Gumi Abubakar Juma’t mosque.

A source close to the deposed Imam, Abdulbasit Abubakar told Vanguard that the Imam was unjustly removed. He said there are other Mosques whose leadership complied fully with the Kaduna State government’s order on social distancing and were not removed.

“I think this is sad and unjust. Do you remove the Imam for complying with the government’s order? Was he supposed to fight the government? Even Mecca is closed and the Imams have not been suspended or removed.”

Meanwhile, our correspondent who monitored the event tried to reach the leader of Jama’atu Izalatul Bidi’a Wa Iqamatussunah JIBWIS Zaria, Malam Sani Yakubu who announced, shortly after the Isha’i prayers, the replacement of the Imam, he was unreachable after several attempts before going to press.

Recall that Vanguard had earlier reported how the Lagos state government sealed the Agege Central Mosque for flouting its order on social distancing and fined the leadership of the mosque.  Earlier in the week, Vanguard reported how Gov. Elrufai has threatened to extend the curfew owing to several people flouting the order.

The social distancing becomes necessary in the wake of the raging coronavirus pandemic ravaging the entire world. Health experts around the world have suggested social distancing as a precautionary measure to check and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.