Coronavirus Updates

April 11, 2020

COVID-19: “Don’t be too spiritual to seek medical help’

Joy Adah-Abiri

A gospel artiste, Joy Adah-Abiri, on Saturday urged victims of Coronavirus, COVID-19, not to go only spiritual at the expense of medical attention.

Abiri, a song writer and vocalist, said in Lagos that being spiritual doesn’t stop a person from getting medical attention.

She urged people not to misunderstand the Bible which should be utilised as backup to whatever help one would seek on earth.

“The Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct, let’s get understanding. God will do what he is said to do. He can silence this virus at a glance but he chose to allow it.

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“If anyone is found with traces of the virus, please don’t try to be too spiritual, instead, seek medical attention.

“Some people may decide not to go for medical checkup because of spirituality which is bad and a clear misunderstanding of the Bible.” she said.

Abiria, a Kogi-born graduate of Quantity Surveying, said the present situation calls for sober reflection and urged Nigerians to take precautions as well as move closer to God.

“The situation calls for sober reflection and one needs to take precautions just as we look up to God for divine intervention.

“Coronavirus has no regards for young, old, rich or poor. People should know that there is a God who reigns supreme and has power over all things.

“I pray it ends soon because the stay at home has crippled a lot of businesses.” she said.

The gospel artist also advised fellow artists to unite and engage in humanitarian services to fight the pandemic.

“My advice to fellow artistes in this situation is to hold on to their anchor, join humanitarian services and unite to fight this virus.

“Humanitarian services around you will go a long way. Also pray, sing and speak words of encouragement to people around you,” she told NAN.

Besides the issue of COVID-19, on why her choice of going for Gospel music instead of secular, she said it was a better way of passing vital information to society.

“I was inspired to sing gospel because it is part of evangelism. If you cannot reach people through talking, you can reach them in songs. The reward is eternal.” she said.