April 28, 2020

China discharges first Nigerian COVID-19 Patient in Guangzhou

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By Victoria Ojeme

A Nigerian patient diagnosed with COVID-19 in Guangzhou has been discharged, following full recovery.

Wu Peilian, a doctor from Zone 3 of the Municipal No.8 People’s Hospital in Guangzhou, said the patient, Mr. K, is 51 years old this year.

He arrived in Guangzhou on March 15 and tested positive for COVID-19 with fever, cough and choking symptoms. He was admitted to the Hospital for isolation and treatment on March 28. He was confirm of COVID-19 (common type) on March 29.

According to Dr Wu Peilian, “Mr K has a history of high blood pressure, high uric acid, and appendectomy. After his admission, the No.8 Hospital of the Municipal has mobilised the best medical care staff of the isolation ward to fully committed in the medical treatment for the patient, with the assistance from psychologists, and regularly organized expert consultations.”

He said that after comprehensive treatments such as anti-inflammatory, stomach protection, blood pressure lowering, oxygen therapy, and “Pneumonia No. 1 Prescription”, the patient’s symptoms were relieved, and the nucleic acid test was negative for two consecutive times (on April 7, April 10).

Re-examination computed tomography scan showed that he has well reacted to the treatment, with a quick recover from the infection in the lungs, and reached the discharge standard.

On April 13, he was transferred to the isolation ward of the hospital and continued to be isolated for a 2-week observation.

“Mr. K is very cooperative with the treatment. The medical staff usually communicates with him in simple English. If there is a problem with language communication, there are also foreign language volunteers to help,” Zhang Jian, a doctor in the Zone 13 of the Municipal No.8 Hospital said.

He added that for foreign patients, the hospital will provide corresponding food according to the patients’ different diet habit and religion practices.

Dr Zhang Jian said that at present, the patient is feeling good, and the re-examination of lung computed tomography scan indicates that the situation has improved earlier then expected. Thus the isolation was lifted today and he was discharged.

“This is the first time I have tried Chinese traditional medicine, and the effect is quite good” Mr. K said that he has been doing business with China for more than 10 years and will continue doing so after he is discharged from hospital.

He said “During hospitalization, the Chinese medical staff treated me very well, and I am very grateful to them.”