April 3, 2020

Calabar mall building did not collapse, and spar is operational – Mall management

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The management and owners of the Calabar Mall and SPAR would like to go on record to clarify certain false communications that are circulating online. The Calabar Mall building did NOT collapse as suggested through fake claims on the internet, and the shops remain open to customers.

Mrs. Egbunu Kemi, the Management of the Mall has stated on record that the External Advertisement Board located by the parking of the mall collapsed, possibly due to heavy winds. We are delighted and relieved that nobody was hurt in the incident, but unfortunately a few vehicles were damaged.

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In her words, “the collapse of the billboard happened in the evening of April 2, 2020, as a Safety Conscious organization, we have hitherto ensured that the entire mall is built to leading standards. The External billboard collapsed and thankfully, nobody was hurt.”

“As an organization, we will want to reiterate that the mall is installed with the best safety measure and our safety equipment are top-notch because the safety of all of our tenants and shoppers is of utmost importance to us,” she added.

The Calabar Mall and SPAR supermarket remain open to customers and is safe, and we continue to do our best to ensure that our stores are well-stocked to meet our customers’ demands.

Staff and security on ground are adhering to all health and safety regulations provided by the government during these tough times, and assure customers that safety is our number one priority.