By Rita Chioma

Highly anointed Bishop, Sam Zuga of House of Joy Ministry has again healed a policewoman with the issue of blood.

The overly excited policewoman shared the testimony at Akwanga free medical treatment center in Nasarawa State.

According to her, she has been bleeding for over one year and using diapers to protect herself instead of the regular pads, until she came across Sam Zuga’s special healing medicine.

She said, “It all started over a year ago and when I start bleeding, I use Diapers size 3 and I won’t go to the office. This has been going on months after months, until I started taking Sam Zuga’s recommended medications. I started taking it in September, then my menstruation started normalizing. In September it was 9 days, October, it was 4 days. Before it was 20-30 days non-stop.

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Then, today, its out again. It has normalized properly. Other women use Pads, I used Pampers, but as I speak now, I am using Pads just like every other normal woman out there. I now have peace. Before, I could hardly stand up after sitting for long, because of my knees. I don’t eat, but I kept adding weight, but they are all over now.”

The healed Policewoman also added that aside the issue of blood, that she has been having different types of attacks in her house, until Bishop Sam Zuga’s medicine came to her rescue.

“Before, I can’t sleep inside my room. It was always like someone is marching right inside. If I close my doors to sleep, I feel someone shaking my door vigorously but can’t gain access. Then I bought another medicine and used as instructed.  Since then everything stopped. Everywhere became quiet and the whole room stood attention.

And I believe that as my menstruation had been restored to normal, I will soon come and share another testimony with a baby.

Anybody that has these kinds of problems like me, every doubting Thomas out there, they should come and taste and see. I am a living testimony. From using always to a regular pad. No more diapers,” she added excitedly.

It could be recalled that few months ago, Bishop Sam Zuga cured a retired Army Officer with spinal cord injury of 10 years.

Upon receiving his healings, the middle aged  man testified during one of the free Medical treatment in Adamawa state.

Responding to the testimony of the retired Army man, Bishop Sam Zuga said:

“What injection cannot do, anointing can do. What chemistry cannot handle, God-mystery can handle. What physical eyes cannot locate, spiritual eyes can locate. I return all the glory to God Almighty.”



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