March 21, 2020

When Christ Holy Church celebrated late founder after 40years

When Christ Holy Church celebrated late founder after 40years

Judging by the wild jubilation and celebrations that recently attended the full week of activities marking the 40 years anniversary of his death and burial, first General Superintendent of wave making African Instituted Church Christ Holy Church better known to many as Nation Builders, Rt. Rev Marius A Okoh, must be stirring happily in his final resting place.

Members of the church with branches worldwide who could take on the pilgrimage to Ndoni headquarters of the church had converged and made merry to celebrate the life and times of the man who laid the foundation for the church to become one of the most respected churches in the organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC).

Others who could not travel enjoyed the celebration from large TV screens in their various branches scattered across the world.

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Late Rt Rev. Okoh lived from 1927 to 1980.

The celebration was climaxed by the well attended Marius Okoh memorial novelty Football match between the youth teams of Onitsha Superintendence and Niger Delta Superintendence at the Government Secondary school Ndoni field on Thursday 5th of March 2020.

It was followed by the well attended Memorial service at the Christ Holy Church International

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