March 25, 2020

West African graduates to revamp Africa’s digital economy with Hugo ML’s Webinar series

West African graduates to revamp Africa’s digital economy with Hugo ML’s Webinar series

By Prince Osuagwu

The multi-billion-dollar digital space has today become the bench mark to how large any economy is prepared to grow.

This means that the extent of any country’s digital preparations shows how large it is nursing its economy to become.

Unfortunately, African countries, particularly those in the Western part of the continent appear seriously unprepared. Where some of them show signs of seriousness, they are at best still ill-equipped.

However, the advocacy to equip youths in tertiary institutions with necessary tools to retool the continent is beginning to gain ground as corporate organisations are going out of their way to heed the call, even if it serves as corporate social responsibility.

Recently, leading African data annotation company, Hugo ML, said it has put plans in motion to launch a free online webinar training to prepare graduates in West Africa to join today’s digital economy.

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The new online series will help participants understand and navigate the digital workspace.

Hugo ML says it will share insights from its standpoint as a digital employer of African talent to make for a four-part informative series that will feature topics like: Remote Work and the Digital Economy, Accessing Global Remote Work Opportunities, An introduction to Data Annotation for Machine Learning, and Navigating “Work From Home” Challenges in an African context.

Co-Founder of the company, Simone Bartlett, said “the recent Coronavirus outbreak has led many companies to embrace remote work models, presenting a huge opportunity for talented university graduates in West Africa.

“Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing every aspect of daily life, but gender and racial bias exist in many AI-enabled technologies,” he added.

Bartlett said “It is therefore critical that young Africans are contributing to these technologies shaping their lives. It is equally important that we have equal access to jobs created in the field.

“Working remotely can be challenging, especially in West Africa; but being a home-grown company has given us an advantage in navigating these challenges. “Join the webinar to learn from their lessons empowering hundreds of successful remote workers in the region. The webinar will cover opportunities at Hugo ML, but will surface thousands of other online opportunities”. The webinar could be accessed online portal

Hugo ML provides an on-demand, remote workforce for leading tech companies seeking to diversify their data annotation and content moderation teams.

The company has over 200 trained annotators across West Africa and expects to hire another 200 in the coming months.

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