We must continue to fight for more — Adenike Oyetunde
Adenike Oyetunde

Adenike Oyetunde is a lawyer though not in active practice. She delved into the world of media (radio), where she had the only legal show on air taking on topical issues and helping to solve numerous problems while giving free legal counsel.

Qualified human resource personnel and an Emotional Intelligence coach, Oyetunde is a cancer survivor and an advocate with a great passion for supporting people who have been through the same experience as she. She is the author of a self-titled memoir, Adénìké.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Oh well, it means having unwanted, sometimes painful periods. It also means never understanding why society defines certain roles as ‘mine’ and standing tall against all odds, pushing and owning success, always. Lastly, it means paving the way and helping other women to ascend.

What are your thoughts on today’s woman in line with this year’s International Women’s Month’s theme ‘I am Generation Equality: Realising Women’s Rights’? Honestly, today’s woman has not had it this good in a very long time. For that, she must recognise the privilege and continue to fight for more. Also, her earning power has increased and so have her qualifications. She’s no longer silent. She’s assertive and vocal.

Have you personally experienced gender inequality?

I haven’t noticed it open yet but I do suspect a few projects/jobs in which it may have existed. Sadly, I am unable to prove this assertion.

What are the worst setback you’ve faced in business and your personal life? How did you deal with it?

My limb loss. I didn’t see it then as a setback and I still don’t.

It changed my perspective on many things such as a better view of life and bigger lenses to assess my life through. It opened my eyes and mind to know that things may change but I steer the course of my life nonetheless.

If you could give your life a theme for 2020, what will it be and why?

Freedom. It’s my year to be free indeed. Free from everything that had held me back in times past; mentally and with my soul.

What’s the fashion to you?

I am not a big fashion geek. I am not big on brands and all. I look out for comfort, colours and fit. Wonderfully, that was optimally achieved with wearing DFL.

You’ve become an inspiration to so many. What has been your own biggest inspiration?

Learning to take it one day at a time has been my greatest motivation; as well as expressing gratitude in its highest form. I have the desire to be more, experience more food, more people and more places.

Who is a real woman to you?

Who she desires to be. Define your boundaries, set your rules, live by them.



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