People Talk: On bill to ban generators, jail sellers (2)
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By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Samuel Ameh

“I don’t think it is possible to outrightly ban electricity generators in Nigeria.

“This is because it is the backbone of most businesses and homes as Nigeria’s Power sector has failed us in every way. Our senators should jettison that bill.” -Akindele Olanrewaju, Cleric

“We are not enjoying stable power supply, yet we pay huge monthly bills for services not rendered.

“With N500 fuel, an average family can afford to power their generating set without stress but what is our fate when electricity is unstable and generating set is banned? The bill will compound our problem.” -Rire Esther, Trader

“No reason to ban generating sets. In my area, we only get power supply five days in a month. We use the generator so we don’t lose customers.

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“How do we balance up when there is a ban on generating sets? Let the government give us stable power supply for 30 days to assure us that we are good to go.” -Gospel David, Businessman

“The ban will definitely cripple the nation’s economy because many businesses in Nigeria rely on generators for alternative power supply. The ban will be a rape of justice.

“If the senators are serious, let them start from their houses, companies and offices in the National Assembly.” -Gabriel John, Cashier

“This does not make sense because Nigerians don’t enjoy stable power supply. Why should the legislators propose such bill when they know we are not ripe for it?

“Apart from this, so many entrepreneurs depend on generating sets for power supply, so, what will happen to those businesses if it is ban? ” -Alex Chibuzor, Chef

“Banning the sale of generators is like ushering Nigeria into gross darkness which will negatively affect us. Leaders are not known by titles but by their productive roles and decisions towards societal development.

“Before they ban generators, let them first provide constant electricity.” -Ozovehe Moses, Student

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