March 3, 2020

NCEF tasks Gowon, Obasanjo, Danjuma to save Nigeria from Islamism


Yakubu Gowon

Yakubu Gowon

By Sam Eyoboka

THE National Christian Elders Forum, NCEF, has again made a passionate appeal to the three most outstanding retired military generals, Yakubu Gowon, Olusegun Obasanjo and Theophilus Danjumu and  traditional rulers in the country to save the country from the grip of Islamism and Boko Haram.

Rising from a crucial meeting in Lagos, the group called on traditional rulers and leaders of the indigenous tribes to unite and rally to defend their indigenous ethnic nationalities in the North and South and their ancestral lands from the menace of Islamism and Boko Haram.

A 13-point communique signed by the NCEF chairman, Elder Solomon Asemota SAN, dated March 1, 2020, expressed grave concern at the insecurity and atmosphere of uncertainty in the country.

“The threats became worse because Christians have not been properly harmonized in recent years and are unable to confront Islamism in unity.

‘’The Christian elders decried the unresolved issues in CAN which has hindered Christians from working as one. NCEF could not understand why a straightforward issue could not be handled by Church leaders with truth and righteousness of God,” the Christian Elders lamented.

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Reiterating it’s belief that the problem in Nigeria was basically ideological due to different worldviews between the Islamist Negroid and the Democratic Negro races, the Christian Elders said the ideological conflict has to be resolved in the bid to unite all races and ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

The Christian Elders appealed to retired Generals  Gowon, Obasanjo, and Danjuma, as the most prominent Christian leaders in the country’s military history, to put aside personal differences and embark on joint intervention for Christians and Nigeria.

Continuing, the Christian Elders expressed gratitude to the former Defence Minister, Gen. Danjuma for warning all Nigerians to take their destinies in their hands; Gen. Obasanjo for drawing the attention of Nigerians to the Fulanization policy of the present administration and Gen. Gowon for lending his support to the restructuring of Nigeria.

“The NCEF has no doubt that all three working together, Nigeria should be able to overcome the breakdown of security in the country,” the communique stated, adding that the group was aware that the crisis in Nigeria has its root in foreign nations and the intervention of the international community would be required to resolve it.

The Christian Elders expressed hope that Europe would now be willing and free to intervene, following the exit of Britain from the European Union, stressing the urgent need for well meaning Nigerians and all lovers of democracy and Western way of life to explore the opportunity.

Noting similarities in the crisis in Afghanistan and Syria with what happens in Nigeria, the group said every effort must be made to prevent breakout of violence and hostilities between the Negros and Negroids in Nigeria, suggesting that the international community should be persuaded to step in now.

NCEF throws its support for the model of “Amotekun” in its original conception – State Police and encourages other parts of the country to emulate it to enhance security of lives and properties, while further encouraging the Yoruba race not to limit its intervention to Oduduwa land but the entire Black race of Nigeria and Africa.

The Christian Elders also enjoined all Christians in the country to support the persecuted Christians in the North and Middle Belt, adding that it was both Christian duty and strategic response to reinforce Christians in the North.

The Christian Elders endorsed the relief support to persecuted Christians under Christian Social Movement of Nigeria, CSMN, tagged “CRY OF MARTYRS” and sought for more support from Christians so that it can do lot more to alleviate the plight of internally displaced Christians (IDPs) in refugee camps.

“Christians must unite, become active, and devise means to protect and defend themselves. Self-defense is legal security and it is not on the Executive list of the Federal Government as claimed by some Negroid Nigerians.

‘’Consequently, the Church must resolve its leadership crisis to provide the necessary synergy for unity,” the communique added, just it resolved to work with groups that have credible road map for resolving the crisis in the country.