March 26, 2020

Meet popular Socialite, Kazeem Adekunle aka Kaziahh

Meet popular Socialite, Kazeem Adekunle aka Kaziahh

By Rita Chioma

Kazeem Adekunle popularly known as Kaziahh is a Nigerian socialite and lifestyle enthusiast. Born in Ogun State, Nigeria and later on relocated to Canada at the age of 13. He started as an ambitious employee for numerous companies in Canada to set up himself. As soon as he was able to make some money, he invested in the Nigeria oil and gas sector amongst other businesses.

Kaziahh talking about himself had this to say, ‘I’m a business inclined person. I don’t mix play with business. I know when its time to play and when it’s time to be serious for work. I learnt this from my dad and I can say it has helped me take work seriously. So keeping up with this lifestyle is all about been hardworking in whatever I do. I’m always putting in work to be able to afford my kind of lifestyle.’

He is much known on social media for his expensive lifestyle, philanthropic duties, travel and bizarre fashion sense. Kaziahh who has won over 6 awards is now a household name in the Nigerian Entertainment industry as he has carved a Niche for himself over the years.

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Talking about the entertainment industry he shares, ‘I’m looking at the Nigerian music scene. It has been a lucrative market so far. I’m looking at establishing a music company where I can invest on talented upcoming artistes, where they can get to work and get heard.’

Kaziahh is also known for his extravagant lifestyle on the internet and he loves to travel. He has visited numerous countries and still plans to visit more before the end of the year. His brazen display of wealth and unique lifestyle is known to practically all Nigerians that are active on Instagram alongside Willie XO, Cubana Chiefpriest, Prettymike, Jowizazaa and a host of others.