By Chekwube Adaba

Dear Christians,

Good day and happy Saturday to you all. Hope my letter is meeting you in good health? Hope the Coronavirus has not bitten you? We thank God for his mercies.

Now straight to the point. My fellow Christians, please why do we allow ourselves to be fooled and hypnotized by businessmen turned pastors? Why do we fail to use our God-given brain to reason things out? When our pastors tell us that God is a jealous God, do we take time to go through our Bibles and find out why God is a jealous God? We are all educated and semi-educated, right? Why can’t we reason like educated people?

Coronavirus is dealing with a lot of people around the globe; we read or hear of new cases everyday. People are being infested; people are dying, yet we have failed to make use of our brains. If we are sensitive to what is dealing with us, then we should ignore all these pastors who are only interested in your pocket, and not your health or even salvation.

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Two weeks ago, the government placed a ban on all social gatherings of more than 50 people; then later on, it was reduced to less than 20 people. That same week that govt placed the ban, almost all the mosques in Lagos were shut down! Nobody was allowed to get in and pray. The Muslims decided to shut down and not minimize the number of worshippers! If they were insensitive to the plight of those with Coronavirus, they would have opened their doors to worshippers; but no!

They didn’t, they shut down totally! However, that same week, a lot of churches opened their doors to worshippers, as long as they are able to reduce the number of people who come. Some churches that I visited that day had more than 50 people, yet they felt alright disobeying the government of the land. Let me ask a question here; must we go to church and worship before God answers our prayers? No. The Bible says ” where two or three are gathered in my name, there will I be” Did Jesus specify that the gathering must be in a church? If you and your family decide to hold a service at home, Jesus will be present with you! Don’t risk your health and those of your loved ones because of one pastor, who has made enough money from you to treat himself adequately well, if he contracts the virus.

Romans 13:1-14 talks about Christians obeying the law of the land. Titus 3:1 also talks about it. If the government says everybody should stock up and stay indoors for now to curtail the virus, please let us stay at home! Going to church this Sunday is not a sin, but could be classified as a criminal act! How would you feel if while holding service on Sunday, the police comes in to chase everybody home with koboko and belts? Forget about your pastor, think of your health, think of your family and think of humanity.

Chekwube Adaba writes from Lagos



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