Do not fear what they fear or be disturbed but set apart the Lord in your hearts and always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. (1Pet.3:14b-15)

A time such as this is indeed tough and emotionally stressful to the young and old alike.

Worldwide, people are shaken and scared as more news of Corona Virus spread across continents, with little to no visible cure at sight.

Many are wary of the ‘wash your hand’ and ‘stay away from sick people’ advice as even that seems not to be helpful.

What then can help?

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Your interpretation of the whole unfolding crisis would go a long way to help you and your loved ones. It’s a crisis and crisis does end.

Refuse to fear the fear that had been unleashed out there- the fear of death- incurable sickness. Until your assignment and purpose on earth are done, death is far from you.

Boost your immune system. Eat healthily. Invest in more fruits. Maintain good hygiene. Seek treatment for any sign of body weaknesses and do physical exercises.

Take advantage of the restrictive movements and bond more with your family. Play more with the kids, watch movies at home together, tell them stories and folklore, sing and dance together, eat together, look at old pictures together, watch the news together and be deliberate to interpret it to the kids, while discussing how to take care of themselves in times of challenges and crisis.

Engage in self-care. Be positive and keep speaking positive words to yourself. Sleep well and make sure your thoughts are positive. Maximize the season, read the books you kept on your shelf for sometimes, write the book you had been postponing, compose new songs, write drama scripts, call family and friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Dance more!

Children had been said to have less predisposition to contacting Corona Virus and even when infected, has quicker chances of recovering faster, hence, do not feed your kids with so much fear. Rather educate them on the need for hygiene, particularly washing of hands and social distancing.

Engage your body, spirit, and soul. Pray more read the scriptures more and do mindfulness exercises. See yourself and loved ones after the virus crisis is over, no one missing, no one left out. Speak and declare daily goodness on your family.

Remember to stand in the gap for others too, encourage them with your SMS, WhatsApp and social media posts.

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If you have just returned from the overseas or you have families and friends who just did, for safety, self isolate for a while, an average of 14-21days. Even if you feel alright, kindly stay indoor to show a sense of responsibility and limit contacts with others especially elderly people within the stipulated 14 Days isolation period.

It has been advised that you should actually keep with you during this isolation period, packs of soaps, tissue papers, Paracetamol, cough syrup, Robb, Vick vaporub for the chest, have honey and lemon too nearby for homemade syrup and of course plenty water.

Be calm. Be deliberate and everything will be fine. Be still and calm as much as possible. And know that this soon shall pass.

Dr. Timi Oyebode, Ph.D., Professional Counselor, Founder and Head Counselor, Attitude Development International.



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