March 18, 2020

Don’t call upcoming actors veterans – Fred Amata tells Media    

Don’t call upcoming actors veterans – Fred Amata tells Media    

By Sylvester Kwentua

The president of the Directors Guild of Nigeria president, Olorogun Fred Amata, has come out with a strong warning to the media, asking them to stop referring to young actors and actresses as veterans.

Speaking in a press conference to create awareness on the guild’s forth coming 20 years anniversary celebrations, on Monday, in Lagos, the handsome actor and director, wants the media to stop calling young actors who have not really contributed to the movie industry, veterans; insisting that the word veteran, should be used only for those who truly deserve the title.

“I feel insulted when media people call young actors and directors, veterans. How long have they been in Nollywood? What impact have they made in Nollywood? If you call them veterans of Nollywood, what would you call people like Keppy Bassey Ekpeyong or me that have been in the industry for long?” he queried.

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On the forth coming 20 years anniversary celebrations, this is what he had to say. “The Directors Guild of Nigeria, which was founded by six angry men, will be 20 this year. We will have a three day celebration in Abuja between April 23rd to 25rd. on the first day of the celebration; we have a novelty match between Nollywood personnels and the national house of assembly team. The other two days will be filled with activities, which included bestowing of awards on distinguished individuals such as Former president Goodluck Jonathan, Ooni of Ife and several other dignitaries.”