March 22, 2020

Delta 2023: The justling, hustling, and bustling for number one seat

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By Possible Ogheneseruo

The justling, hustling and bustling for the number one seat in 2023 is getting thicker every passing day. Some of those eyeing the exalted seat have started their consultations since last year and this is yielding
some good results

Some others are still nursing the idea seriously. Those nursing the idea are either weighing the intrigues needed to embark on the journey. Also, some are waiting to be anointed by the political juggernauts in the state before they kick start. In the same vein, some are waiting to be called upon to contest before they do so.

Among those who have started real consultations are Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi and Barr. Ovie Omo-Agege while those nursing the idea are Edevbie and Peter Mrakpor among others.

However, those of them from the Okpe axis in Delta Central are saying that the former Governor of the state who is now a Political godfather, Chief James Onanefe Ibori took the turn of Ethiope East and West, while Olorogun Ibru, the first civilian governor of the State took the turn of Ughelli people. Based on this, since it is now the turn of Delta Central to produce the next Governor come 2023, the Okpe should be allowed to take their turn.

Without missing words, Delta Central which comprises the urhobos ethnic group is one. Also, there has not been anytime where there is zoning arrangement among Delta Central. In short, those who have ruled the state as Governors in time past came based on their pedigrees, credibility and not by zoning of any kind among the Urhobos. Therefore, those arguing and justling that it is the turn of Okpe people to produce the next Governor of the State should think twice.

All the nine Local governments that make up Delta Central are one when it comes to the governorship race. Though nobody can deprive anyone from contesting the next governorship election come 2023 but we all know that the race is not for Lilli liver politicians. The governorship race is for those who have been tested and approved both in political and otherwise. It is not for those who will depend on several godfathers for sponsorship. Also, it is not for those who are in government waiting for the amount of money they can acquire between now and the next governorship election before they can join the race.

Though we still believe on god fatherrism but god fatherrism in modern days politics are mainly to provide the needed advice that can assist the candidate to win. When the candidate has won, the godfathers are to provide the necessary advice for the growth and development of the state. God fatherism are no longer meant to provide all the financial muscles for the candidate but the needed advice on which the wheel of the state rotates in terms of growth and development.

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These are what most politicians in urhobo and other senatorial districts in Delta are considering that make them to support Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi agitation to rule the state in 2023. It is time we refrain from selling gold to those who do not know the value or do not have what it takes to purchase it. The incumbent Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has brought the state from Egypt to Caanan, therefore, we should not do anything that will take it back to Egypt again. Olorogun Gbagi possesses all the qualities that Deltan needs in a governor.

Olorogun Gbagi as founding member of PDP in the state has not been given any state appointment but remains a committed member of PDP since the formation of the party in 1999 till date. He has not for once decamped as a result of offence. He has remain “Gidingba” in the party. Though he would have been offended at one time or the other but he sees PDP as child that was given birth to by himself and others which needs continue care, nurture and love at all times.

Gbagi was a former Minister of State for Education who has not been found wanting since after he served as a Minister for either misappropriation of fund or embezzlement of any kind as the case may be. It is therefore not out of place to say emphatically that the man has a clean record.

The former Minister is an employer of labour both locally and internationally. Gbagi’s fleet of Five Star Hotels among other businesses are spread all over the country and the world at large. Theses hotels provide jobs for Nigerians and foreigners.

In the same vein, Gbagi has fleet of shops in every nook and cranny of the country especially in Warri. These shops provides means of livelihoods for most of the inhabitants of Warri and nearby towns.

More importantly, Olorogun Gbagi is a world-acclaimed industrialist who needs to industrialize the state come 2023. The Road Master, Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has created and still creating the needed conditions and environment for industrialization. Deltans need Gbagi, the great and vibrant industrialist to refurbish our ailing industries and build new ones where our youths and graduates roaming the streets can be gainfully employed.

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