March 24, 2020

COVID-19: Christian Council of Nigeria says no to public gathering

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…Asks churches to activate online worships

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

The Christian Council of Nigeria, CCN, has directed its members and non-members in the country to shun public gatherings which might expose them to coronavirus and be a possible source of infections.

CCN also directed Priests in charge of large congregations to consider increasing the number of services in their churches to space out the congregation.

It also urged priests in charge of churches to activate their online worships, house fellowship and zonal worships to enable individual members the choice of worship on any of the platforms as a serious step to avoid being infected by the deadly virus.

In a statement by its Chairman and Bishop on the Niger, Rt. Rev. Owen Nwokolo, titled: “Our Position on Coronavirus” CCN also encouraged Church leaders, the Clergy, and all Church workers to study the various government documents and ensure that there is public awareness among their congregation on the deadly virus.

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While encouraging members to avoid public gatherings, CNN said that “the ban on public gatherings does not imply a ban on the worship of the Almighty God”, saying that this is the time Christians should more than before, be in constant communication with God.

“Our Churches shall remain open to individual worshippers until such a time the government decides to shut down all activities and order everyone to stay indoors

“Absolute caution must, therefore, be taken by Priests in charge to ensure that all the churches are sanitized and body temperature measuring devices provided to check those individuals who would want to worship in the church.

“We have followed the current spread of the Coronavirus declared a pandemic by World Health Organization, WHO, but as Christians, we should not panic, we must continue to pray and trust in God to deliver us while taking steps to avoid being infected.

“This trying period is a time to be our brothers’ keeper, we charge all the clergy and church workers to be serious with their pastoral duties. This is a time to be proactive and time to be in constant spiritual touch with every member of our congregation more than before.”