March 25, 2020

CoronaVirus: NGO embarks on relief intervention in Africa

CoronaVirus: NGO embarks on relief intervention in Africa

By Chris Onuoha

In the wake of numerous challenges facing the world today such as war, ethnic conflicts including social vices like banditry, kidnapping in Africa, and lastly the global CoronaVirus pandemic ravaging the entire universe, a nongovernmental organisation, Africa international Food Bank and Disaster Relief (AFBADR) is poised to bring succor to the people of Africa in distress.

In a release made available to the press, the founder, Chief Executive Officer, Sir Andrew Okokhere AFBADR in a statement promised that the team is well positioned to supply relief materials and food to the affected areas across Africa and some parts of the world.

He said, “The Africa international Food Bank and Disaster Relief (AFBADR) is an organization that was established in the State of Texas, USA with the main office in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. The founder, Sir Andrew Okokhere was born in Nigeria and raised in Texas, America.

The organization was established to serve humanity through the provision of food and relief materials such as clothing, medicine and general assistance to cover the need of the hungry people in Africa. Some of the activities carried out by the outfit include agriculture, tourism and empowerment programmes to help indigent men and women in the local communities across Africa. Others are students exchange programmes between China, Africa and America. ”

Speaking further, Okokhere noted, “We have been in the forefront of this kind of project which started sometime ago in the United States during the hurricane and flood disaster. Beyond that, we deem it necessary to reach out to Africa in this turbulent period of war, ethnic wrangles and health challenges including the CoronaVirus that has become a global affair.

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“We will be working with the United Nations, America, China, UK, and other nations in helping to bring to barest minimal, the unfortunate hunger in Africa. Other nations are help us to contain the hunger in Africa but we want to take it further by also engaging corporate organisations and wealthy men in Africa to partake in this life saving project.

I believe it is honourable and rewarding to come to the aid of the needy in Africa when it matters most, while I enjoined interested group, organisations and individuals to reach us through our website and social media platforms: FaceBook and Instagram accounts,

Okokhere also disclosed that the organisation is a reputable NGO that has the backing of American government with the support of Nigerian traditional rulers like the Oba of Badagry, and personalities across the globe. “It is time for Africans to take over Africa now. Other nations may or not help you in the time of disaster but if you don’t have a base, how can others come to help us.

Disaster crisis may escalate or perhaps lead to death if we don’t give the first aid help we have on ground. Please join the food bank team if you are an NGO by contacting us through our emails and social media platforms mentioned above. Membership is free and open to all races,” says Sir Andrew Okokhere