Boska organizes seven-day pain-free campaign to promote good health 

A seven-day pain-free campaign was recently held in Anambra state and across six major cities in Nigeria by Dexa Medica, manufacturers of Boska pain reliever, one of Nigeria’s leading antidote to pains.

The event which was tagged “Boska pain-free day”, held across seven major cities in Nigeria such as Anambra, Gombe, Kano, Kwara, Lagos, Oyo, and Sokoto, was geared towards ensuring that Nigerians live in good health and wellness by providing them of a fast pain relief drug to relieve them of pains.

According to Mr. Ololade Jesufemi, Country Brand Manager, Dexa Medica Nigeria Business, who disclosed that the campaign was a consumer experience moving train that touched seven states of the country, envisioned with the aim to create the awareness that pain can kill faster than the actual illness if adequate measures are not taken, adding that there is a limited time to which the human body can endure pain.

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“The seven-day Boska pain-free campaign which has taken place in seven states of Nigeria is aimed at providing free health care services to people of the states.

It is also to educate and enlighten them on how to use the Boska pain relief drug in order to avoid an overdose or drug abuse.

The team of Dexa Medica, feel fulfilled carrying out the campaign which has positively impacted and improved the wellbeing of the beneficiaries.

We want people to know that pain of any form should not be endured because there is a limit to which the human body can contain pain”.

In order to make the event impactful for participants, Dexa Medica also held a free public education on how to live healthy living, as well as providing free health checks such as optical services, blood pressure, BMI, etc.

For Mr. Uche Aghado, Brand Executive, South East, and South-South region, the campaign was carried out for participants to feel and experience good health which is what Boska is all about.

He stated that beneficiaries were very excited to partake in the free medical checkups offered by Boska as many of them went on to buy the Boska pain relief drug for their body pains and other forms of aches, noting that the main objective was to promote a pain-free living and healthy life.

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“This is one of the best campaigns organised by Dexa Medica, and we are deeply excited that the purpose was achieved which is basically to promote a pain-free living in the states.

Onitsha is particularly known as the commercial hub of the East, with almost 80% traders on a daily basis.

So you can imagine the amount of pains they experience due to hard labour and stress. Most of the participants are traders who use Boska pain relief and they all attested that it is the best among equals.

Even our competitors participated and bought the drugs,” he said



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