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700 million case: the desperate attempt to smear Pastor Ize-Iyamu

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Ize-Iyamu, election
Pastor Ize-Iyamu

By John Mayaki

Crusoe Osagie, the man whose role is to advise Governor Obaseki’s government on Media and Communication, continues to flog a dead horse in a morbid hope to ride a false and buried narrative. Crusoe Osagie is found forwarding unsolicited texts across social media platforms, reminding members that the 700 million naira scandal court case of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is coming up.

This helter-skelter focusing on a basic matter by a supposed important personality in Obaseki’s government shows their own fear, visionlessness, and a general lack of substantial dirt on the man they perceive to be their greatest opposition in the coming electoral season. For this lack of blight on the illustrious Pastor, they are now scampering about, looking for any small matter to sensationalize and hold on to.

Against this background, Crusoe Osagie’s desperate rampage is understandable but it as well indicts the government he serves. His continued ringing of alarm about this matter that has been in court since 2015, and that has been conclusively found unworthy and consequently thrown out of court in Yobe State, points to the truth that Godwin Obaseki’s government has failed, having no worthy achievement to advertise on their behalf to advertise to the people.

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In a normal setting, the group of people in power, enjoying the advantages of incumbency, rather highlight their achievements and continuously, without break, market and sell it to the people. This way, they gather support and conviction, pledging to the people that if they have done this in their first half, then they can do more in the second half.

This, exactly, should be the job of Crusoe Osagie, as the special adviser to the government on media and communication. But in a situation he reduced his office and himself to propaganda and fallacy, more than tarnishing the incumbent government’s office, he obliquely exalts the person of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, bringing free and unpaid publicity to him.

However, the original intention of Crusoe Osagie and all other men hiding behind his desperation is to tarnish the image of Pastor Ize-Iyamu, therefore laying on him, the allegations of money laundering, embezzlement, and all other false accusations. It is imperative to mention at this juncture that all those are pure noise made to divert attention and gain and draw undue sentiment for the shambolic Obaseki government.

The mentioned case has been in court since 2015 and did not deter the Pastor from contesting in the previous election. This time around, too, it won’t dissuade the pastor as Crusoe Osagie and cohorts hopes. Secondly, this same case has been investigated by EFCC and after finding that it lacks the ingredient of laundering and embezzlement, closed it and made a no-case submission.

This case being a national issue has some people indicted for the same matter across different states of the federation, but have had other members answering to it dismissed and acquitted without guilt. Most recently is the example of Yobe State where the presiding judge kicked the case out of court, deciding that there was no evidence or proof to establish the accusations of laundering nor embezzlement.

Clearly, the matter is a dead one, simply waiting for its official interment. The Godwin Obaseki’s government attempts, through Crusoe Osagie, to focus media attention on it only proves of their fear, anxiety, and lack of achievements to sell to the people. All the people who have devoted and reposed their electoral faith on Pastor Ize-Iyamu are assured that there is nothing to be feared. The mission will surely arrive at its permanent site.


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