February 13, 2020

Valentines Special: DopeMan Twizzy drops new songs tomorrow

Valentines Special: DopeMan Twizzy drops new songs tomorrow

Nigerian musician, Tobechukwu Ukairo, popularly known as DopeMan Twizzy is set to drop his new single titled, ‘SOLO’ on February 14.

The philosophical afrobeat song explains the need for a balance between selfishly pursuing ones passion and maintaining healthy social relationships.

The new single ‘SOLO’ will be on all social media platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Audiomack and others. DopeMan Twizzy noted that the song speaks about the balance of ambition and love.

According to him, “SOLO’ lyrics explains in whatever you are passionate about, there is that desire to put in extra effort to do it very well in order to stand out.

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“But in bringing excellence and creativity in your craft, you might suffer separation from others because of the high level of focus.

“Also, it might interfere in your personal relationships because you are so focused. SOLO therefore is talking about recognising the need for balance and focus in relationship and life pursuit.”