February 8, 2020

US Visa ban, a wakeup call for Nigerians – Onuesoke




Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has described the United States (US)  immigrant visa ban on Nigerians as a wakeup call to both the citizens and leaders of the country to think on how to put improve the country as they have no other country to call their own. .

The PDP Chieftain equally congratulated US President, Mr Donald Trump on his acquittal over his impeachment trial, saying his victory was an expression of how the Americans liked his policy.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja yesterday, Onuesoke said although the US  immigrant visa ban was a  rude shock to Nigerians, it would put the nation on her toes and ensure that the people have integrity.

The former Governorship aspirant advised US Government to restrict the ban to Nigerian leaders who have failed woefully in protecting the lives and property of Nigerians  instead of the innocent citizens.

“If we have good-hearted politicians and serious government where our funds are used judiciously in developing our society, there will be no need for Nigerians to travel overseas to seek resident permit or to go and beg for foreign help or donors’

“In your good conscience, do you really think Nigeria cannot exist without these people? Yes we can, if we put our house in order.  Our problem is that greed is leading us  to endless corruption and looting by all means. Curb corruption, invest stolen or recovered funds and you will see how our country or continent may be transformed.

“Nigerians should stop stealing their money and taking it away to grease the economies of other countries. Use your resources for yourselves and your country and you will be great within a short time,” he stated.

Onuesoke who recalled that Nigerians spent about 64 million US Dollars on failed US  visa application last year,   argued that If the government really wants to help the situation, they should simply focus on why they are elected and make Nigeria better so that Nigerians will stop wasting money on failed visa applications  and avoid international humiliation, embarrassment and frustration .

“Is living is America or developed countries the all and the end all? Nigerians need to realise that the world of superpowers is moving East. Those countries were as underdeveloped as Nigeria only 50years ago. We should learn to stay home and use our God given resources to make our nation great. Rather than be second class citizens in foreign lands,” he advised.

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The former governorship aspirant  said Nigerians  can begin to abuse or accuse Donald Trump for the action he took against Nigeria among other nation, adding that   he is doing a great service to Americans.

He maintained that It is only a nation without plan, purpose and foresight that will open it’s borders to terrorist across the world to come into its country unhindered under the guise of visa on arrival as obtainable in Nigeria present government and his stooges.

“It would have been better if America can extend that restriction to political class In Nigeria, starting from the head of the government, may be that would speak sense to their brains as leader,” he advised.