February 26, 2020

The socio-economic, religious consciousness of Holy African Ifa Empire dating 2000-4000AD

The socio-economic, religious consciousness of Holy African Ifa Empire dating 2000-4000AD

The Nigerian republic is going through similar trends that the Roman republic faced before Civil War and evolution into the Holy Roman Empire.

Azikwe, Awolowo, Obasanjo, Buhari could be reflections of Julius Cesar, Anthony, Augustus etc. So, can Nigeria achieve the success of the 2000yr Roman Empire?

Well, we must conceptualize, before we can visualize and then work to actualize. It is said, “Number your days right, so that you can gain wisdom.” This goes further than mere counting of days, but studying years, decades, centuries and millennia to be able to decipher and conceptualize essential trends. While planting seasons can be understood in a year, generational curses in 84 years, 250yrs for national and international structural changes, it takes 2000 years for a change in global consciousness civilizations.

Yes, it takes a few trends before you can conceptualize the essence of timing and certain manifestations. The roughly 2,000 years trend is derived by dividing into 12 units, like clock hours or calendar months, the 24,000 years it takes the universe to revolve a full cycle, according to the Cycle of Precession of the Equinox. Each 2000yrs was known as the Great Year in ancient traditions.

Some may say that 2 Great Years is too small to make a prediction of the third. Due to whitewashing of previous black civilizations, we only have the outgoing Great Year, the Age of Pisces ‘Olokun’ of Rome and the previous Great Year, 2000BC to 4AD the Age of Aries/Ogun that saw the end of black civilizations of ancient Egypt and Asia by light skinned humans from Central Asia cave complex armed with bows and arrows on horse chariots.

Nevertheless, we have the knowledge of the twelve divisions of time as represented in astrology and management studies, whereby the first is about self, second is about love, third is about communication, four about mother, fifth about children, six about work, repeated on the macro level from 7 to 12. The special attributes attached to each hour or month was conceptualized by ancients and tied to spiritual essences. This was how the three Wise men were able to predict the birth of Jesus and the Holy Roman Empire.

Based on this we know the first Great year of this human civilization was the fifth house, Leo ‘Orunmila’ started in South Nigeria 12000yrs ago. However the first Great year conceptualized by Whites was that of Aries ‘Ogun’ based on iron weapons, the 1st horseman with bow and horse chariots. This was followed by that of Pisces ‘Olokun’ based on religious and political dogma, the second horse mans religious swords of Spatha and Islamic Scimitar. According to the Bible Apocalypse horsemen in Revelations chapter 4 to 6, the new incoming Age is that of the third horseman, Aquarius ‘Shango’, ‘Amadiora’ based on enlightenment and justice, the third horseman on a black horse with scales of justice.

The fragile nature of the Roman republic is seen in Nigeria and based on trends might have to go through civil war by 2023 before the people start striving for global significance and ascendancy from 2027, like the Roman empire started in 27AD.

Now, there is a difference in the global consciousness of the ‘Olokun’ Pisces that brought the Roman Empire and White supremacy to the one now faced by the black race, the Aquarius ‘Shango/Amadiora’ Age. Unlike the Romans and Greeks that used violence of the Spatha sword to build an empire, we have to reveal hidden knowledge to enlighten our people away from foreign dogma. While Whites used Abrahamic dogma to shake off the imposing shadow of black Egyptian history, we must use the truth of science of Ifa/Afa to reinstate black ascendancy. Instead of a Holy Roman Catholic empire, we would have a scientific African Ifa empire with the leopard instead of a sword being the totem.

Everything material has a spirit, but we attach spiritual to the unexplainable. In the ‘Shango’ era of enlightenment, the job is to explain all spiritual in material and all material in spiritual. The duality of ‘Ejiogbe’. Every herb must be documented and exploited. Every one of the 401 irunmoles must be understood and their attributes demystified. Complete information that only African Information Retrieval system Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa can bring about due to its duality and acceptance that nothing is coincidence or infinite.

Being ‘Shango/Amadiora’ era, we know that the electrical impulses transmitted are tied to internet and the digital economy. So the economy and enlightenment would be through the internet. Also with the Biblical revelation of the third horseman with scales, we know it will have to do with restructuring and equality.

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Unlike the Roman republic that needed soldiers and religion to expand, Africans need to articulate their cultural linkages, which paramount monarchs of South and Middlebelt ethnicities are currently doing spreading with love and wisdom instead of war. Like the Western civilization over 2000yrs moved from Greece, to Rome, Constantinople, Portugal, Spain, Dutch, English, French and finally USA, the original African civilization will move across the different Niger Congo ethnolinguistic groups, depending on populations and Africanization of their knowledge banks.

Like the Yoruba Afrobeats music and cultural arts have taken the world by storm, and other original groups are now following to achieve success, original African acculturization of other aspects like politics and economy will bring global success and other original African groups will follow as bastion of original African culture will switch from Lagos, Onitsha, Kinshasa, Abidjan, Mombasa over the next 2000yrs.

If the Yoruba and Igbos, the two largest and prosperous Niger Congo groups and the rest of family can’t articulate and take pride in the original African cultural identity and foundations to empower themselves politically and economically, then the Fulani with the largest cultural sphere in terms of Islam will overrun them in their drive to Islamize Africa. The Afroasiatic Islamic cultural imperialism that started in Bornu and spread across Northern Nigeria will naturally push to takeover completely in the next few years.

This might actually force the crystallization of a strong original African resistance platform that will start the global ‘Ifa’ African empire or the Fulani successfully takeover to maximize its cultural influence.

However, due to the change in global consciousness to Age of ‘Shango’ Aquarius enlightenment and cultural justice, the Fulani Sunni Islamic empire will be challenged and defeated by the Iranian Shia empire that would takeover global Islam and move it towards utopian ideals.

Ultimately, considering all the trends and signs, the similarities between Nigeria and Roman republics, the restructuring movement towards cultural and political justice, the rise of a global original African empire is near certain. But, it will take a lot including war against foreign dogma and a cultural revolution to change the global consciousness and mindset of the masses.

The key to black global ascendancy is revelation of hidden knowledge spread with love and not war by paramount monarchs like Ooni of Ife, Attah of Igala by using DNA and cultural anthropology in Yoruba-Igbo cultural linkages, virtual museums etc. Apocalypse means revelation of hidden knowledge and the 3rd Horseman has to do exactly that. Unfortunately, apocalypse involves sweeping away old ways of thinking and those who refuse to drop their dogma. Come what may nothing can stop the global ascendancy of an original African scientific Ifa Empire. Ase.

By Prince Justice Faloye, President-ASHE foundation