By Prisca Sam-Duru

Never seen an art exhibition lasting for twelve solid months? It is rare but one of Nigeria’s finest artists, Isaac Emokpae, has just unveiled one, at the offices of R&B Communications, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Themed “The Idea Loom”, the unveiling of Emokpae’s art held recently as part of R&B Communications’ 2020 Creative Partnership which in turn declares the space open for more future collaborations.

Initiated as first in a series of annual collaborations between R&B Communications and Nigeria’s foremost creatives, ‘The Idea Loom’ is Emokpae’s interpretation of the synergy between R&B Communications and its publics; a unique call for unison, harmony and sustainability in business.

The collaboration between the artist and the communications’ outfit is an eloquent indication of how well corporate organisations are beginning to see the promotion of artists and their works as a course worth investing into owing to pivotal roles art plays in the country’s economic development.  R&B Communications which is parent of R&B ACE, supporting Arts, Culture & Entertainment with Communications, Ghost RB, a world class creative Agency; and many others, seems, with the launch of “The Idea Loom”, ready to help the Nigerian art market expand its visibility and ranking in the global art space.

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Isaac Emokpae is a visual artist who uses the simplest application of varied media to evoke deep psychological reflection. As a constant student of duality, the question of how human souls interact, forms the basis of his works. In this exhibition, he creatively turned virtually every available space in the building into canvases for his artistic exploration. Fascinatingly, each art piece has its own peculiar message ranging from comical to more serious issues. The first piece that greats viewers on entering the building for instance, asks the question, “Does God like Jolof? One’s imagination is likely to begin running haywire at first as to what the artist is driving at. Wondering what jolof represents, Emokpae explained that, it could mean different things to different individuals adding that it could actually represent something either positive or negative.

Gold and black colour metallic enamel paint which the artist said is very good for wear and tear, inscriptions, forms and ‘aso oke’ designs are employed to buttress the point in ‘The Idea Loom’. “It will fade over time, but it would hold. But then, that is the whole idea. The works are not meant to be permanent. The works are semi abstract like some pieces are more relatable, while most others are like puzzles…”, he explained.

“The Idea Loom” according to the artist serves as homage to ideas, which is more of a celebration of thought and its power, stressing that when it is properly weaved and harnessed, can achieve great and far-reaching results. He added that “The chord that runs through every organisation is an idea, an idea that if people of like mind and a common ideal unite- no journey is too perilous and no odds are too steep. Even if all hope is gone, it’s better to be lost with kindred spirits than to wander the either alone”

Executive Director R&B Communications, Adeoye Omotayo, explained that his organisation  has enjoyed a very long, deep and meaningful relationship with Nigerian arts, culture, film, music and entertainment over the years adding that “We are therefore honoured to have top talent from this growing sector treat our walls and our space as canvas for showcasing the incredible work that they do.”

Also, Remi Okunlola, Partner Chair of R&B Communications, explained that “The Idea Loom will adorn the walls of our HQ for the next 12 months, when another of the nation’s foremost creatives will be invited to shine their creative floodlights on the next 12 months of our collaborative endeavours”.



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