Security chiefs would have resigned in civilised society ― Ango Abdullahi
Prof Ango Abdullahi

Top member of the Northern Elders Forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi, has submitted that with the growing security challenges in the country, the service chiefs, in a saner clime would have thrown in the towel.

In an interview with Vanguard where he spoke about security anomalies in Nigeria, Professor Abdullahi explained that the summit, which brought Afenifere, Ohaneaze and PANDEF together in Abuja was part of a restructuring process.

“We (the north) are not afraid of restructuring. I coordinated Ohanaeze, Afenifere and PANDEF in three summits in Abuja, it is part of the restructuring. We are not afraid of restructuring. If we are, why would I be meeting with Ohanaeze, Afenifere and PANDEF?

“When you have a system that has failed, that is not responding to suggestions, advice and so on, there is nothing one can do. We can only advise. The country is supposed to have a unified force.

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“This country has only 300,000 policemen. Go and check United Nations statistics. No other country has less than 1.5 million policemen except Nigeria.

“Now, most of these policemen are doing non-police jobs, guarding big men and women and your houses and so on while the larger society is facing all manner of danger. That is not what it should be,” Abdullahi said.

The Northern Elders Forum member also said: “In civilised societies, the service chiefs should have thrown in the towel and acknowledged the fact that they cannot handle what is going on.

“Are we in a civilised society? Have you seen somebody who has been accused of corruption or of one misdemeanour or the other in public office of this country who has resigned on the basis of the accusation or allegation against him or her?

“Not even on the basis of conviction in court. We don’t resign from jobs based on principles. That is why we are where we are now,” Abdullahi said.

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