Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has said natural resources such and oil, gas and minerals, including talents, mean little without creativity and value addition.

According to Vice President Osinbajo, it is value addition and creativity that is the difference between poverty and wealth.

Osinbajo said these when he delivered a lecture entitled “Facing the New Decade,” at the fifth convocation of Federal University of Dutse, Jigawa State.

According to the Vice President, “the abundance of natural resources such as we have in Nigeria, oil and several minerals, even talents, mean little or nothing unless we are able to creatively and by using innovation and adding value, add to whatever it is that we have in terms of talent or resources.

“Put it differently, the difference between poverty and wealth or mediocrity and high achievement is creativity, or the capacity and willingness to add value.

“This is the reason why Apple, manufacturers of the iPhone and iPad, make more money in four months than Nigeria earns from oil in one year.”

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He posited that the next few decades will present tremendous opportunities for getting well-paying jobs and lucrative entrepreneurship opportunities all over the world.

“Anyone will be able to access many of those jobs without even having to move from your own country, in some cases even without leaving your home.” he said.

“There will be a truly international market place of ideas, talents and opportunities, but to access that market place, you need to become, in many senses, a global citizen by your own effort. Self-education and self-development will be important.”

He commended the institution for “exploits being recorded … in many fields that amply validate the promise of the fruitful synergy between town and gown. Let me cite just two such examples, in recognition of your relevant and innovative research efforts.

“First is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture selected your university to host the Agribusiness Incubation Centres.

“The second has been your response to the security challenges besetting our nation today; you elected to express a shared commitment to the national search for solution by being the first among your peers to mount a programme on Criminology and Security Studies.

“This demonstrates your relevance and proving that the university should not just be an incubator of ideas, but also a solution provider.”



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