People Talk

February 28, 2020

People Talk: Proposed immunity for principal members of NASS (1)


National Assembly


By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“We obviously have a set of individuals with personal interest at helms of affairs. Immunity for principal members of the NASS means legalisation of corruption in Nigeria.

“Most cases of corruption, money laundering and misappropriation of funds are from this arm of govt and immunity for them means legalising corruption. ” -Adewuyi Mayowa, Entrepreneur

“If the NASS members are truly serving the masses who voted them into office, why are they seeking immunity from those people that put them there?

“It’s a shame on us as a nation to be discussing immunity for principal officers when we should be discussing growth and development.” -Obasanya Abosede, Businesswoman

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“I can’t fathom where we are heading to in this country. There are a whole lot of issues that we need to tackle in Nigeria but behold, our elected representatives are seeking immunity for principal members of the House.

“What a shame and abuse of office! These peoples are just shameless.” -Olaoluwa Farotimi, Student

“These members of the NASS must be joking. They want to use public funds to fend for themselves? Why are they requesting for immunity if their conscience is clear?

“They should make laws that will move Nigerians forward rather than impoverish them.” -Felix Anderson, Artisan 

“Why is the NASS so self-centred? Are they representing themselves or Nigerians and were they elected to inflict pains on people because they want to survive?

“I am disappointed in this set of bigots who want to amass wealth all the time at the expense of innocent Nigerians.” -Odubiro Hannah, Petty Trader

“I don’t subscribe to this proposal because it will make the members of the NASS a nuisance to the public. Does that mean they are above the law?

“Such proposal should not be approved so that they don’t see themselves as being superior to other members of the public. No to this please!” -Bashiru Ahmed, Artisan

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