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February 26, 2020

People Talk: On plans to establish agency for repentant Boko Haram terrorists (2)

insecurity in Nigeria

Boko Haram fighters

Boko Haram fighters

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“I support the Senate on this because they will have it at the back of their minds that whenever they want to quit their old way of life, there is still something out there for them.

“As we all know, Boko Haram members are terrorists who kill people and bomb places, I think if they actually repent but are not properly cared for, they will be harmful to themselves and society. ” -Akinsemoyin Ruqoyyah, Student

“I believe the decision of the Senate is a good one. We are a country of peace and we have to show that in every way possible, but they should give them some sort of punishment.

“They can get a reduced sentence because they turned themselves in. We should let other terrorists who are willing to repent know that there is still room for them in the society.” -Folami Olayinka, IT Student

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“Rehabilitating repentant BH terrorists sounds good but what’s the assurance these people are fully repented? I think the FG should be careful. They should enlighten them before they’re allowed into the society.

“They should be kept under watch for some period and be give thorough orientation to be sure they’re good to live among people.” -Shoyombo Hannah Titilayo, Student

“This government’s priority is misplaced. I hope they throw out the bill in second reading. These are people that have killed, maimed innocent Nigerians and service men, now, government wants to create an agency to rehabilitate them! It means people can commit atrocities and government will pardon them.

“We need to make a very strong statement here, you don’t negotiate with terrorists. ” -Kendrick Ekweozor, Broadcast Journalist

“This idea of rehabilitation for repentant Boko Haram insurgents is a great idea. Although, it’s been on the card since 2016, it’s finally becoming a reality. Some terrorists are forced, abducted or tortured into becoming terrorists.

“All the same, the rehabilitation will help them get back on track, fit into the society and make impacts on the nation at large.” -Murtala Fuad, Student

“This is a big insult on the gallant soldiers that died in the course of fighting insurgency, the civilians killed, the town/villages razed, the ladies they kidnapped and raped.

“After all these atrocities and economic sabotage, the Senate is considering wasting tax payers’ money on them when we are yet to rehabilitate those in IDP camps? I am so disappointed!” -Olaiya Gideon, Analyst

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