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February 13, 2020

Olumide Akpata condemns police brutality

Mr. Olumide Akpata, a Senior Partner at Templars and immediate past Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Section on Business Law, SBL, has condemned the attack on a lawyer, Ibangah Goodness, by policemen in Enugu.

He said, “It is quite a disheartening occurrence and one indeed which should cause all concerned to cover their faces in shame. I read through a report made by Prof. J. N. Ezeilo, regarding the horrible and inhumane abuse exhibited one of our dear colleague in the Bar, Ibangah Goodness.

“The report stated that the victim was rascally abused and beaten to a critical condition where she nearly lost consciousness. The report also depicts that this ill act was done to the victim while she was on official duty for WACOL, a non-government organisation in Enugu, by some men who are believed to be officers of the Nigerian Police Force.

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“It is said that the police is meant to protect lives and properties but it seems that the reverse has been the case considering the facts of the abuse heralded by these police officers on our dear female colleague. Lawyers are ministers in the temple of justice, lawyers are stakeholders in the justice system of our country.

On no account should acts of this nature or acts in any kind be done to dissuade lawyers or intimidate lawyers from performing their parts in attaining justice in our society. ”

“I categorically condemn in entirety the actions of the Police officers and call on the Commissioner of Police, Enugu state Command and the Inspector General of Police to take expedient actions in bringing these culprits to book.

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I call all national and international organization, civil societies and all lovers of human rights, specifically, women’s rights, to take a stronger stand against this form of abuse and attack on Ibangah Goodness as a person and women in general.

“To my colleagues in the Bar, it is no longer time to keep quiet in the face of harsh treatments like the one meted against our colleague in Enugu. Today, it is in Enugu, today, it is against Ibangah Goodness, Esq, tomorrow, no one knows who it may be; it may be you or I. I would not wish this ill act to be done on anyone talk-less of it being done against a member of this noble profession. Justice for one is justice for all.

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