February 3, 2020

NOA warns against food alien to Nigerian culture


…calls for preventive measures on Lassa fever, Coronavirus, to safeguard outbreaks in Oyo

By Adeola Badru

THE Director, National Orientation Agency, (NOA) in Oyo State, Mrs Dolapo Dosunmu has warned the people of the state to urgently take preventive measures to safeguard their health against the outbreak of Lassa fever in some parts of the country as well as the coronavirus in some parts of the world that have claimed several lives.

At a press conference held over the weekend at the agency’s conference room in Ibadan, the NOA director charged the public on the need to take proactive steps to prevent the virus from speeding to the state.

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According to her, the two diseases are both viruses, adding that: “There is little we can do to treat, though the Federal Government is on red alert on the coronary virus, then, there are responsibilities on the part of our people.”

She urged the media to assist the government in sensitising the people particularly, rural women who process their cassava products by drying them along tarred roads for days exposing it to rats and rodents to feed, urinate and pass fesses on.

Her words: “We were told this is a source of Lassa fever, we don’t really care about the environment which we are particularly those in the rural areas. We now need to take up the responsibilities of ensuring that we clear the bushes around us to give enough spaces along where we live so that rats and rodents will not be hibernating along the bush paths to come near our habitation.”

Dosunmu advised further that once a person noticed some signs of fever with symptoms of catarrh, cough, sore throat, watery eyes, sneezing, among others, they should quickly see the doctor.

She also advised as recommended by medical experts, that food should be properly covered, leftover food eaten by rats should be avoided, regular washing of the hands particularly nursing mothers and as well as proper cooking of bush meats before consumption.

On Coronavirus, she enjoined the people to ensure a clean environment, take much water to avoid dehydration, avoiding living in overcrowded areas and to also wash our hands regularly.