February 2, 2020

No other African genre of music globally accepted like Afrobeat — UGO

No other African genre of music globally accepted like Afrobeat — UGO

By Ayo Onikoyi

Germany-based, Nigerian-born  musician, UGO, who is making waves in Europe with his latest song “Life is Banana” has spoken on the future of Afrobeat on the global stage, saying he is happy to be a Nigerian and an African

“As a Nigerian, I’m proud to say that over the last few years, no other style of music from Africa has gained global recognition and dominated worldwide charts well like Afrobeats. I am a frequent traveller who has been around the world, from my experience I believe Afrobeat is here to stay. It is a new dawn for African pop culture. Quite unstoppable. The world is ready to embrace it, and we’re ready as well to showcase the African culture musically to the world. “

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UGO was born and bred in the suburbs of the eastern region of Nigeria with his music hugely influenced by music greats like Snoop Dog, Michael Jackson, etc. He also talks about his plans for 2020 and future collaborations.

“My plans for 2020 is to establish myself fully as the brand “UGO” and to reach my full potential as a musician. I believe with hard work and dedication I can achieve that. The last decade has prepared me greatly for this and I believe I’m ready for the world to hear and vibe to my sound.”

Sequel to his next music set to drop on Valentine’s Day, “Life is Banana” is amassing good numbers of streams and feedback from people.