February 10, 2020

Man arrested outside White House after threatening to assassinate Trump

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump of the United States

United States Police on Saturday arrested a man outside the White House after he threatened to assassinate the nation’s President, Donald Trump.

The man named Roger Hedgpeth was reported by CNN to have approached the US Service police officer on patrol and said, “I am here to assassinate President Donald Trump,”.

25-year-old Hedgpeth according to a DC Metropolitan Police Department arrest report obtained by CNN told the officer he planned to do it with a knife, which the Secret Service officer confiscated after a pat-down search, the report said.

“At no point during this were any Secret Service protectees in any danger,” a law enforcement official told CNN.

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The man has been placed under arrest at which time the arresting officer was advised by the Secret Service that the suspect was a critically missing/endangered person as well as a mental health patient.

He has been moved to a hospital for a mental health evaluation where he will be held until further notice, according to the report.

Efforts to get information about the suspect was futile. CNN reportedly contacted the home of what is believed to be a relative of the suspect’s but the woman who answered the call didn’t have any comment.

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