February 24, 2020

Lobbying, Issues Management take centre stage as Caritas CEO addresses NIPR Lagos PR Clinic

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Public relations practitioners have been advised to creatively handle Lobbying and Issues Management so as to deliver value to clients in the current democratic dispensation.

This admonition was given by Mr. Adedayo Ojo, Managing Director, Caritas Communications, the leading issues management, crisis communications consultancy with clientele that cut across leading global brands, at the monthly Nigerian Institute of Public Relation (NIPR) Lagos PR Clinic.

Speaking on the topic “Understanding Issues Management and Government Relations,” Mr. Ojo drew attention to the importance of government relations to organisations that do business in a complex regulatory environment.

“Businesses should be on the same page with government to ensure harmonious co-existence and prosperity; that is why creative lobbying is a right step in the modern business environment,” Mr Ojo said.

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It is important to conduct research, know when and where to contact a legislator, establish and maintain credibility, know the position of opponent, and be helpful to legislators where necessary in the lobbying process.

Drawing attention to a Mckinsey survey, Mr Ojo pointed out that success in government relations comes from integrity, relationships, and informed strategic engagement, also, it is wise to have “eyes and ears” representing an organisation’s views and interests at national capitals and the seat of power.

To sufficiently use public relations strategy to address issues that may arise in the course of doing business, Mr. Ojo advocates that public relations managers must have a firm grip of the root of the issue, communicate clearly and truthfully to key stakeholders and manage information creatively, to the extent that the organization is not negatively impacted.

NIPR Lagos PR Clinic is a monthly event that brings together public relations practitioners from Lagos and its environs. It serves as a platform for brainstorming and pushing the frontier of public relations research and practice.

Caritas is a Silver Affiliate of FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm headquartered in Washington, DC, United States of America. Caritas is the pioneer energy, oil & gas specialist corporate communications consultancy in Africa.