February 22, 2020

Is this a stunt or has social media humbled Gloria Osei?

Gloria Osei

Gloria Osei (her Twitter DP)

Gloria Osei (her Twitter DP)

Gloria Osei is trending on Twitter. But not as the fire-spitting devil-may-care daring capitalist we are familiar with.

That one would say “I refuse to be silent. I have dealt with… an E-mob determined to E-lynch me. The last thing I will do is hide in fear and keep quiet.

“They say silence is the best answer for a fool, but in situations where the foolish is the majority, it is always best to use your voice…. Don’t let fools be your narrator…this is the best you would get from me. An insult-laden tirade.”

This trending Gloria Osei is a full U-turn from the one we know. She is so apologetic and grovelling, you won’t blame some netizens that see this new “baldinho” as a PR stunt.

“You wanted my humility, you have it”

In a pinned tweet, Gloria Osei says: “I am a Nigerian entrepreneur. I have made mistakes. I have tried to survive a very harsh environment, one made harder sometimes by the people I have sought to help me build.

“I apologise for all the hurt I have caused. I apologise if you saw me as beyond reproach. I am not.”

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Another tweet in the thread reads: “I don’t owe anyone a salary. I pay my salaries ON TIME. It is so so sad that I have to emphasise this, but this is how low you have all brought me.

“You wanted my humility, you have it. I do this not just for me, but for the hundreds of market women who now depend on my company.

“To provide a better life for them through our product initiatives. I do this for our staff, for our farmers, for you. You can’t keep destroying value. It needs to stop. I am not the enemy, my real crime is perhaps making hard things look easy. Forgive me. It is hard. very hard.”


Some reactions to her thread:

Many expressed hope that this new Gloria Osei is here to stay.