February 1, 2020

‘IBBN rebuilding walls for a better Nigeria, Africa’

‘IBBN rebuilding walls for a better Nigeria, Africa’

By Ekaette Bassey

Considering the alarming increase in the desertion of implementation of the right policies to create a corrupt-free nation, the Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN) came up through the servant of God, Ambassador Isa El-Buba to restore sweetness and brightness to our great nation-Nigeria, and indeed by extension to Africa.

God used Ambassador Isa-Buba to awaken the Nigerian people to ARISE and uproot the wrong government and plant the right one. Millions of Nigerians responded from across the globe and minds are made up to come together to see to the rebirth of a better and a brighter Nigeria. IBBN is a movement of the true breed of Nigerians who have come to realize the divine principle of God in the developing and administering his purpose on earth.

“The statement ‘’occupy till I come’’ means take charge and take responsibility of your environment and affairs, that is why we are driven by a vision to take responsibility. Religiously, the plan of Jesus Christ is that His disciples should be the salt of the earth and the light of the world through their exemplary life of honesty, justice and accountability in their communities and the community will see their good works and praise God. This is who we are”

IBBN has come to rebuild walls and defend the sacrifices of our founding fathers both dead and alive such as: Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and many other spiritual leaders with some of our political leaders such as: Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, General Yakubu Gowon etc, and all true Nigerians who have laboured spiritually, politically, economically etc, to sustain Nigeria till date. These are the prominent people and the vision that the IBBN stands for. It stands to recover the lost vision and values of the ‘’Heroes Past’’ that their labours will not be in vain. It stands for the True and Genuine Justice for all, respect for human lives and equality with the fear of God, they stand for a Nigeria that is peaceful, prosperous and purpose-driven.

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In an interview with Vanguard, one of the strong leaders of IBBN in person of Dr. James Grand Okocha in the IBBN Lagos State LCDA Leaders meeting that took place on Friday 31st of January revealed more on the vision and main purpose of the establishment of IBBN. According to Dr. James Grand, Ambassador Isa El-Buba is a well known man in the Nigerian leadership circle, a lover of justices, a man that builds up men that have the fear of God. We have a slogan in IBBN which is ‘’A BREED WITHOUT GREED’’ this is our vision to bring on board a Nigeria that will be loved, a Nigeria that will give all the sense of belonging and every one will be free to operate, not a Nigeria that you will need to have someone elsewhere before you can be recognised. Ambassador Isa El-Buba has been so committed in this, I and every other people of like minds nationwide, we are still extending it to other African nations, to be sure that those African countries with problems of leadership will be counted among places where things happen positively.

Dr. James Grand went further to explain that the initiative is not just for Christians alone but for patriotic Nigerians, we have our Muslim brothers, we have those who don’t belong to any religion, as far as you are a Nigerian and thirsty for a stronger and greater Nigeria. He said, “I am a Christian but it breaks my heart to see my Muslim brothers being slaughtered, I’m not happy about it because they are my fellow Nigerians. God is a God of universal essence, He has everybody in mind, and He is humanitarian and so leadership should be. We just want everybody that believes in this nation Nigeria to know that IBBN is a solution of our political problem.

“Our hands are open to welcome every religion on board because Christians are not the owner of Nigeria neither are the Muslims, we own Nigeria together. IBBN is not a political Party but a leadership platform to give people proper orientation on the making of a good leader. We give them the support. Everybody is free to contest on any political platform after they have received an ideology on IBBN platform of what political leadership should be. It’s a platform we breed leaders then send them forth to represent interest of the people on any political platform. In a nutshell, IBBN is a production factory for ideological and visionary leaders. We are legally recognised and we preach that people shouldn’t be killed because you want to be elected as a leader.

“We preach also that we must have value for lives, after all, when people are killed for your election, you will end up leading yourself. Nigeria does not have economic problem, we have leadership problem, meaning that we only need good manager of resources for Nigeria to take its place among the world superpower. IBBN is bringing on board leaders that are people-oriented in policy making because leadership is all about the people. We are praying and working to see that things happen, just like you know when leadership get it right, other things fall in place. On the call for the president to resign, not only the president but every other ineffective and clueless political leaders that does not have a people-oriented policies should do so too immediately.”

IBBN is a sacrificial and non-governmental organisation built on sacrificial principles where people are made to contribute their quota of time, talent and treasure towards the actualization of the vision of our founding fathers and the purpose of God for this greater nation. Members are not paid to function, but are encouraged to selflessly add value towards the actualization of the new Nigeria of our dream. IBBN are ready and willing to collaborate with other initiatives to raise one strong voice in achieving a corrupt-free nation where we and generations to come will be proud to call our own.