…says says some green pasture seekers sign in ignorance

By Chris Onuoha

One of the social menaces the country is striving to combat or bring to barest minimum is the issue of human trafficking. In most recent times, efforts by the government agency in charge of human trafficking yielded result as some lucky ladies where brought back home from abroad where they were unimaginably converted to either sex workers or appalling housemaid status without their consents.

This was however applauded by all concerned citizens, but the obnoxious trade still continues clandestinely. Be that as it may, one of the ladies in the country who is consciously occupied with the mindset to change the narrative positively is a beauty queen, Peace Michael Botuare.

Queen Peace Michael is the top winner of the recently held “Face of Nigeria” beauty contest. The Bayelsa State born model is from Elemenbiri village and a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polythnics, Ogun State. She is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) where she works before taking a shot on beauty pageantry. The beauty queen who won a car gift, business endorsements and other incentives, in a chat with Vanguard speaks out concerning the plight of ladies who migrate to foreign land for greener pastures.

“In the first place, the challenge has always being peer or family pressures, and most ladies would want to take a short cut by either running to Europe or Middle East for promised jobs without prying to know the genuineness of the deal, or succumbing to any pressure to make it in life,” says Queen Peace.

“I have made it in Nigeria and also outside the country. I can say in life no matter the options, there is always a choice and that choice must be positively reviewed. So I will advise ladies to always make a choice which would pay off better in the long run but with a price to pay – focus and perseverance. Don’t be bothered about your mates or what you see outside; just stay true to what is right. And if you must go abroad, do not be cowed into it. Verify all contracts and seek counseling to be sure that the Agency and the your destination point is the right place

“Take for example; I won a beauty crown, a car and business endorsements that have changed my life. This is a wishful dreams and it is possible by anyone who believes. Beauty pageant is a bedrock of purpose and confident. It is a self educative platform which trains your mind and self worth. Many celebrities today were once beauty queens: Oprah Winfrey; Sharon Stone; Beyonce; Rihanna; Eva Longoria; Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry to mention but few. Giving women a platform such as this, in turn, creates an avenue where the younger generation can have a positive mentality as their role models have done.

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About the Crown

For winning the crown, I feel chosen by fate and destiny. It made me really happy and my family proud. It was not easy but I thank God I made it.

The “FACE OF NIGERIA 2019” edition finals had 32 finalists who were potential winners given their pedigree and qualities but I had this strong believe in myself. I don’t get easily intimidated. The platform had its rules and obligations towards the crown. I tried as much as I could to remain focused till the end. The camp experience was fun and more like a vacation to me.  We were camped at a beach resort, I had fun meeting and making new friends, the tension was much but tends to simmer as we all get use to it by the various camp activities.

Today, I would say winning the crown as the topmost of the 5 finalists is amazing. It has changed my life and status in some ways. I am actually based in Dubai but the office of the reigning queen will keep me busy between my base and Nigeria for the period, to oversee the projects I am embarking on, and attending to new business deals therein.

Perceptions about modeling and beauty pageantry

This is actually my first attempt to contest any beauty pageantry. Before I registered, I have heard a lot about pageants and modeling gimmicks. I took my time to verify and found out that Face of Nigeria contest is one of the genuine platforms.

Having observed that the Agency have carried on with the business of pageantry for six years without scandal, I registered with confidence and it paid off. I was not sexually harassed and throughout my stay in the camp, conversations and interaction with both the organisers, camp facilitators and co-contestants were cordial and descent. That does not rule out the fact that many, especially the some contestants would not habour some immoral intent, but were not given the chance to show it.


I have a busy year ahead of me as I intend shuttling between Dubai and Lagos to execute my pet project called “PURPLE PROJECT.” I am from Bayelsa State and I intends partnering with my State government to embark on healthcare interventions and seminars and provision of sanitary pads to secondary school girls within the State. This will be seriously taken care of especially sex education to create the awareness of dangers of early marriage, sex induced job offers and the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases.



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