By Ayo Onikoyi

They call her the Kayanmata Goddess, which laterally means sex goddess because she’s into the business of selling aphrodisiacs.

But at any rate or whatever way you look at it, Akinola Oluwatomiwa Balqees, the Chief Executive Office of Miwa Signature Palace is a goddess in every sense of the word. Ravishingly beautiful, incredibly attractive, humble and unassuming. In her interview with Potpourri the electrical engineering alumnus of University of Ilorin declares that everyone needs aphrodisiac to live a fulfilling life.

According to the boss at the Miwa Signature Palace, her mission in life is to prevent marriages and relationships from collapsing through lack of sexual satisfaction.

“Sex is important. Everyone needs aphrodisiacs. Most marriages and relationships have broken up because of sexual issues. The sexual issue, may either come from the man or the woman, my mission in life is to provide the missing link in their lives and bring happiness,” she said with the authority of a true goddess, like Cleopatra or Nefertiti of the old Egypt.

For Miwa, the business of aphrodisiac is not something she stumbled upon, she was actually a victim of a broken home. Her passion was born out of the pain she suffered when her mum and dad could not live a happy life and had to eventually part ways.

She recounted the experience,“ Growing up in a troubled home is not an experience that is pleasing. The atmosphere was not encouraging. I never enjoyed the real happy family thing as my parents were always grumpy around each other. 13 years after their marriage, they parted ways. My mum tried being the father and the mother, but nothing could be compared to the perfect family I saw in school during the “end of year” party or “graduation”. I had a vision to mend broken homes being that sexual satisfaction is an important aspect of marriage and the major reason for most broken homes. I decided to do more research on Kayanmata and got supplies. Every year, we get better suppliers with more effective products.”

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On how she became ‘Kayanmata Goddess’ and how she came about it and the meaning of the word, the Miwa Signature Palace boss explains: “Kayanmata is a Hausa word, meaning ‘Women’s things’. They are herbs used to enhance sexual pleasure. Kayanmata is the same as aphrodisiac, anything that is used to stimulate sexual pleasure. I’m called the Kayanmata Goddess because my products speak for itself and people value my knowledge. I understand what I do and above all, I have a pretty face.”

Akinola Oluwatomiwa Balqees is a native of Ikare, Ondo State. She started her business in 2014 with skin care products. She ventured into aphrodisiac majorly in 2016. Miwa is known for her major impact in women’s sexual lives. The electrical engineer from University of Ilorin is the number one Kayanmata seller in Nigeria and indeed the world. She owns the largest Kayanmata palace in Ilorin, Nigeria and two other branches in Ilorin, Kwara State. She plans to open another branch in Lagos and Abuja respectively this year.


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