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Coronavirus and the peoples’ food culture

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Coronavirus and the peoples’ food culture

Coronavirus: According to an old adage: “Every charitable or uncharitable attitude is a boomerang”. Mankind has been authorised by the Creator to exercise dominion over all living and non-living things.

We are also imbued with the power to decide whether to do it rightly or wrongly, provided we are ready to carry the consequences of the choices we make.

Mankind and other living things under its dominion are paying heavy prices for the reckless manner in which hydrocarbons (crude oil) are being deployed for economic growth (rapid climate change). We are also punished for the mindless and often barbaric exploitation of animals through the scourge of epidemics like Ebola, Coronavirus, Lassa Fever, HIV/AIDS and others.

The scourge of Coronavirus currently trending worldwide is a particular case in point where nature is fighting back for man’s barbaric attitude to it. Scientists believe that the virus originated from a Chinese bush meat market in Wuhan. Many documentaries of human atrocities and bizarre culinary acts there have since gone viral on social media.

Every country is entitled to its own food culture, but we must admit that some Chinese food cultures are appalling. Eating of live rats and their babies is better imagined than actually witnessed, but it is a “treat” in some countries.

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In video footage published by The Sun, UK, on January 24, 2020 titled: “Disgusting moment Chinese man dips still wriggling baby mice in a sauce before eating them alive”, a Chinese man enjoys his dish known as Three Squeaks.

It is so named “because the mouse squeaks when it gets picked up by the diner, again when it gets dipped into the sauce and finally when it dies” in-between the teeth of the diner. With these Chinese delicacies, there is no wonder the world is invaded by Coronavirus.

We must learn to respect the earth and the lives in it of which we are part. When we bless the earth, it will return the favour bounteously. But when we are wicked to the earth and its resources it will punish us with plagues that will scourge generations unborn.

Mankind must accept the fact that the authority we were given over the resources of the earth must be exercised with utmost responsibility and accountability. We can exploit the earth’s resources, but we must know where to draw the line, in our own interest.

Conservation and careful management of the earth’s resources are subjects that must be embraced on a universal scale with adequate rewards and sanctions.

If we could effectively outlaw slavery, cannibalism and the killing of twins which used to be acceptable practice, there is no reason the Chinese Three Squeaks menu and other barbaric culinary practices should not be abolished forthwith.


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