February 18, 2020

ANISZA marks Valentine’s day building love park with recyclable wastes

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Founder & Curator, ANISZA Foundation, Novo Isioro, with Award-winning writer, Jude Idada, Founding Partners of the Creators Lab, Enare Ejim, Ochiwu Fidel and Meshach Jonathan, Members of Aspirer Thespians, alongside other young Nigerians at the ANISZA’s LOVE PARK event on Valentine’s Day in Abuja, February 14th 2020

ANISZA Foundation & Gallery had a Love Park event to commemorate Valentine’s Day on Friday using recyclable wastes to build a park.

Speaking to the press at the Gallery Novo Isioro founder and curator of the ANISZA Gallery said “ANISZA invited the youths in its host community here in Abuja, the centre of Unity, to come together regardless of religion, ethnic group or social class to build a love park which they have chosen to call ‘the ANISZA Love Park’ using recyclable wastes. ”

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According to Isioro “the idea for the use of wastes and building together is simple, it is a way of reusing past experiences, hurts and even social differences to our advantage.

She added that no Nigerian “experience” however unsavoury “should be discarded, instead, they should be brought to the table in truth so all especially the youths can begin to explore them in truth and ways they can be used for the benefit of all.

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“We have come to a time when the youths of Nigeria can no longer stand in angry fists raised and perpetually blame a system of dysfunction for a legacy of abnormalities and misappropriation of power, instead, we can assume responsibilities for expediting a cure, solution to a crisis that we did not create but refuse to remain a victim of.”

ANISZA is a not for profit organisation with the aim to educate young Nigerians in Nigerian History using compelling photography in addition to other tools. The Foundation also believes that by illustrating an understanding of the Nigerian Journey especially among the younger ones it can advance the cause of Peace and Unity in our communities and country.

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