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Amotekun and Brexit: A repeat of history

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Amotekun: Restructuring now inevitable — Ohanaeze, BakareThe British have exited Europe for good, and it is assumed that UK would want to re-enslave the African Slave Coast believed to be coming from the fall out of that exist. Are some of us really rejoicing in ignorance?

I have written copiously about how history is repeating itself, especially in January 2020 with Amotekun and Brexit due to the 250 year cycle of Oya (Pluto). Every 250 years cosmic influences lead to global structural changes tied to Oya sweeping through the Babaluaye house of Structure.

Two hundred and fifty years ago, around 1770, we started seeing the beginning of the end of Oyo Empire with Bashorun Gaa: the beginning of the end of British and French global hegemony due to the bankrupting Seven Year War: and the rise of the new American empire, the USA.

However, the late 1700s transit was not complete because Oya blew through the house of Obaluaye without meeting him at home, therefore only shook the structure but unable to shatter foundations. It was the previous 250 years in the early 1500s (around 1520) that Oya and Obaluaye met in Obaluayes house that foundations were shaken, which has not repeated until this year on January 12 2020.

In the 1520 cycle like now, the English in the what became known as the Protestant movement pulled out of the European Union of the Holy Roman Empire to launch a claim on West African peoples and resources. Following the arrival of Europeans in Benin in 1470s, Pope Alexander VI’s June 7 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas that gave the Portuguese the monopoly of slavery in West Africa, and the failure of King Henry VIII marriage to Catherine of Aragon to bear a heir that can help the English split in the wealth, they pulled out of the 1000 year European Catholic Union. The same thing is happening now with the English pulling out of the European Union, created after the loss of African colonies, but dominated by the French that kept hold of its French neocolonies.

Back then in the 1520 cycle, faced with Nupe Islamists that ravaged Oyo empire, making the royal court move to Igboho, Oyo reset itself by expanding and institutionalizing the Aare Oonakankanfo stool. For the Aare Oonakankanfo to do his job, he needed weapons and horses which could only be derived through the slave for arms race inspired by the Trans Atlantic slave trade rivalry. It was effective for a 250 year cycle but at the end, it was the very instrument that brought about the final destruction of Oyo Empire by Aare Afonja.

Once again, we are facing the same circumstances provided by the universe and must react but with the benefit of hindsight.

It is no secret that the Islamists are advancing to the Black heartland of Southern Nigeria, just as the Christian and Asiatic civilizations are also advancing for the final battle for the true Eden.

Basically, the world is split into a few civilizations – the Christian Civilization whose capitals have shifted from Rome to London and now Washington DC: the Islamic civilization that extends from Mecca/Medina to Sokoto but might be eventually led by Iran: the Buddhist civilizations of China and India, and last but not the least, the Original African civilization which, although has not been properly articulated and united, is a bona-fide cultural sphere on its own that speaks a continuum of dialects that spreads from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa, known as the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family.

The Original African civilization is the oldest, a minimum of 12,000 years old, and the richest, on whose resources and knowledge bank all other civilizations were built. Without the gold mined by Yorubas and sold by Hausa, there would have been no Roman Catholic nor Islamic empires, nor would there have been any USA that used South Nigerians to farm its plantations and build its industrial foundations. Therefore due to the global importance of Southern Nigeria, it is no surprise that the Islamists, Crusaders and Chinese are advancing.

Unfortunately, Original Africans whose largest groups are Yorubas and Igbos are fixated on unitary Pan-Tribalism and Nationstates instead of the full picture of the clash of civilizations. They are unaware that the political and cultural divisions are set by civilizations, as when the Christian civilization came together in Berlin Conference to divide Africa into colonies and nationstates, or as Islamists divide into emirates and Caliphates.

Instead of defining and uniting their cultural sphere to form a strong sociopolitical platform, they seek European definition of nation states. This has prevented a united Original African cultural platform to counter Islamic and Western platforms that divide and rule them.

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The January 2020 establishment of a security apparatus to safeguard Yorubas cultural space named Amotekun, the cultural totem of Yorubas Orunmila and Ifa, naturally appealed not only to Yorubas but Igbos and other Southern and Middlebelt Original Africans that share the totem and need for cultural survival against Fulanization.

Though we face a repeat of the 1520s cycle that cemented the Aare Oonakankanfo stool, there is an added influence of a 2000yr cycle that brings about the clash of civilizations and, change of Ages and global consciousness. Meaning this is not a clash to be fought by tribes but entire civilizations. Unlike the Aare Oonakankanfo stool ushered in by Alaafin of Oyo, the prominent but sectional Yoruba leader, fortuitously Amotekun was ushered in by Ooni of Ife, who is not only Yoruba spiritual leader but that of the entire Original African cultural sphere.

Though Amotekun is a natural reaction, the political leadership should take the hint to extend Amotekun to unite the whole sphere in South and Middlebelt to prevent what happened in 1520, whereby Yoruba and Kwararafans different Original African security apparatuses failed against a unified Afroasiatic attack across what became Nigeria.

Like back in the 1520s and 1770s cycles, the Europeans will dump weapons in South and Middlebelt. This time led by the British and Americans, the Christian Western civilization will inspire a religious war which if we don’t learn from hindsight, Original Africans will once again be the greatest losers. The lack of a unified Original African platform will still place us at a disadvantage, especially since it is our resources being contested by other civilizations, the final negotiations will be between the Abrahamists and result in some form of indirect rule and further blurring of our cultural identity.

A unified Original African platform will be so formidable that it will even prevent war since the Fulani will find themselves overwhelmed seventy to thirty percent and the British will not be able to play divide and rule.

However, in the event that a solid Original African platform can only be crystallized by the suffering of war, like with the Haiti Ogun Revolution, the British and other Crusaders are likely to switch sides to the Jihadists, their fellow Abrahamists, since we will be clamoring for true freedom away from the proxy religious and geopolitical wars.

Thereby, the Chinese whose Buddhism is a derivative of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa Original African culture will side with Original Africans against the Islamic and Christian civilizations to bring about a new 2000yr world order. This is what is known as the era of the Biblical Third Horseman, the Age of Shango and Aquarius, whose Libra scales of justice is cosmologically represented by Nigeria and China, both born on October the 1st, the month of the scales. A new 2000 year era of Original Black African cultural and sociopolitical justice and ascendancy.

As of the English, this is the beginning of the end of their 2,000 years of ascendancy. London came into being about 43AD. If Original Africans close their ranks and prevent the Brexiters dream of recolonizing through religious wars, like they did after fuelling the slave trade anarchy to turn around to form Protectorates that became colonies and today’s African nations. If this happens, the British will face economic and political decline between 2023 and 2041 when Oya is in Shangos house of justice, before finally sinking when Oya moves to Olokun, and raising sea levels submerges London. This is why it is disheartening to hear some Yorubas vouching to follow British steps to oblivion and destruction.

Original Africans no follow them chop, so we no fit follow them die, as this life na turn by turn but if you blindly follow the reigning champion and most successful, you won’t be aware of when it’s your turn and those you carry like sycophants will fall down on you, instead of you bypassing them to take you own time at the top.

One thing I have learnt is that we are all victim of circumstances created by the universe, so we naturally react according to the script written by God/Universe. However, like naturally good or bad actors, it depends on how we understand the roles and act out the script. Therefore, though Amotekun is a natural reaction, we should proactively understand what was naturally presented and make sure we don’t repeat history mistakes.

Lone ranger Amotekun could be surrounded by the herders bloodhounds but not a large group of Amotekuns. Like a broom, we will sweep our cultural sphere clean but single sticks can only poke the surface and soon be broken.

Written by Prince Justice Faloye


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