By Chris Onuoha

In line with keeping up the aspiration of young females living their dreams, Angels Eyes Communications, organisers of Face Of Nigeria’ beauty pageant has continued to produce more queens.

The 2019 edition of the contest produced yet five queens who not only exhibited brilliance and beauty but with creative aspirations meant to add value to the society.

One of the queens, Emmanuella Ujunwa Oguamanam, an Imo State born undergraduate of University of Port Harcourt, River State dazzled the audience with her uncomely demeanor and gait as she was unmistakably picked by the judges as a queen that deserves the crown. Speaking with Vanguard after the contest, the delectable queen who exudes some sense of nobility reeled out her project plans in her reigning year that hinged on ‘girl-child education.

How happy are you winning the crown. Is it your first time to contest and what is the experience like?

I would say it has been wonderful, and yes I am happy that I won at my very first attempt. I pinch myself sometimes as well but I thank God that my dreams of becoming a queen is now a reality.

Winning a beauty crown like I know is beyond the razzmatazz. What are your project plans and how do you intend to execute it?

I have a team I am going to work with in my project plans. And we have already concluded arrangements to start off. The project is tagged: “Back to School” initiative. We want to send some girls who suddenly became drop-outs because of financial constraint, to go back to school and continue their education. I strongly believe that when you train a girl-child, you train a nation.

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We will also be providing books and learning aids to schools within my locality in Imo State. The State government has indicated interest to help me out on this projects which I believe the new administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma will oblige to continue.

What is the most difficult challenge you had as a contestant and how do you advice young ones to contest and win with confidence?

This was my first beauty contest and of course, it couldn’t have been easy without challenges. Some of those challenges which I learnt a lot from were stage fright, intimidation and composure. The competition was fierce as we had so many pretty and intelligent contestants in the forum but I was able to overcome with the constant teachings from the forum. Continuous practice they say makes perfect, and this really helped me till the final show.

Having learnt my lessons from the contest, I would rather advise young girls not to underestimate their prowess even at young age. I am a beauty queen at age 19. So I believe anyone can achieve greatness despite age or background.

How can you describe yourself; from childhood, family, things you noticed that endeared you to beauty pageants?

I happen to be the only child of my parents and growing up wasn’t easy but they have tried to provide everything I needed. I can possibly call myself a destiny child. I have the gift of height and good physique. These, I would say are the attractions that got people thinking I would either become a beauty queen or a model. Often times, I am teased with it and this really pushed the urge to try my luck and contest. Despite that, I admire models a lot and had wished to become one.  I thank God that today; I have become a queen and prospective model in the making.

Did you get opposition from parents for contesting, and besides who else encouraged you to contest?

My parents supported me. I think it’s the dream of every parent to see their daughter bring honour to the family.  Initially, I had doubt, but the platform is a different one from others. Every stage has its own mark and this was stated from the get go, it helped in me knowing full well where and how to put in the most effort.

Now as a queen, what are  the changes in your life and what can you say the position as a  queen has brought to?

It has brought awareness and more attention from the public. People are easily drawn to me, and also I have a good followership on my social media platforms. It has also made me become conscious of everything I do mostly in public. As an ambassador for the organization, a lot is expected of me in terms of morality, virtues and public speeches. To say the least, I am excited.

What is your future like, with the position and what do you intend to do next?

I am still in school and the future hopefully looks bright. I intend having my Masters degree in UK after I finish my first degree here in Nigeria. I will also start up an entrepreneurship business to compliment every other thing I will be doing. Many other things will unfold as the time goes by. I thank God for my parents who has supported and believed in my dreams. With their blessings always, I would say sky is the beginning of my leap.



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