January 18, 2020

Senator T.A. Orji empowerment scheme best in Nigeria

Senator T.A. Orji empowerment scheme best in Nigeria

We Coalition of South East Youth leaders (COSEYL), commend Senator Theodore Ahamefula Orji for his first class empowerment scheme to his constituents and the free eye medical treatment given to his constituents especially the elderly and aged persons. These empowerment scheme is best in the country.

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It takes a man with a large heart and a man that understand the needs and yearnings of his people to do what “Papa Ukwu” has just done.

In Nigeria, politicians are known to be egocentric. They abandon their constituents who defile the hot sun and rain to vote for them during the elections. But Ochendo Global  is one out of many that remembers those that voted for him after the elections. He believes in giving back to the people, the society that believed in him and gave him their mandate.

Senator T.A. Orji prioritises health care especially  eye health care because he believes that health is weath. It takes a man with a good sight  to shout NEPA when EEDC brings lights to his or her house. One of the worst sickness anyone can suffer is a person with bad sight. Ochendo understands this and that is why he priorities eye health care.

It is because of the love that he has for his people that he built health centers in all autonomous communities when he was Abia state governor.

Ochendo’s empowerment programmes is second to none in Nigeria. He is indeed the ” Father of Empowerment”.

Ochendo’s empowerment scheme is legendary and history will always remember him as a man that did his best to take care of his people.

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We urge other political office holders to emulate senator T.A. Orji empowerment scheme because his empowerment scheme has direct bearing on the people that he represent at the Senate.

Chief Goodluck Egwu Ibem
President General
Comrade Kanice Igwe
Secretary General