By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

Amaechi Mbazulike

Nnewi— Foremost nationalist and the only Minister of the First Republic alive, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, yesterday, raised the alarm that Nigeria is being driven to a dangerous precipice, yet, the youths  who have been at the receiving end of the misrule in Nigeria remains complacent.

Amaechi berated the civil rights activists in the country,  organised labour, the youths, students and the masses of the country for keeping quiet while the country is being destroyed and called on Nigerians to rise and defend their freedom and democracy.

Amaechi in a press conference in his Ukpor, Nnewi South Local Government Area, Anambra State, alleged that Nigerians of the present age give the impression that they are a generation of cowards, imbeciles and spinless jelly fish who cannot defend or protect the  nation his generation gave them, saying that history will judge them most unkindly if they continue in their complacency towards the destruction Nigeria is headed.

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He said: “As one of the very few surviving nationalists who fought for the freedom of the country from foreign imperialists rule, as the only Minister of the First Republic alive and about the only link between the founding fathers and the present generation, I feel deeply pained to see what is happening to the nation and will feel  doomed if the ugly situation continues.

“There is unimaginable level of uncontrolled and uncontrollable corruption in the country. There is mind boggling level of massive looting of the wealth of the country.

“Elections are openly rigged and true democracy has fled the country. The judiciary has been intimidated and cowed and it has lost its honour and freedom. Citizens have lost their freedom and security has left the country. The country is ruled without a people’s Constitution but with laws imposed on the nation by military decree.

“The power and wealth of the country are controlled by a cabal from a section of the country to the exclusion of the areas that produce the wealth. The majority of the federation have pleaded and demanded for a conference to rectify the imbalance and return to a free and true federation which the founding father’s established in 1962 but the cabal has treated the demand with crude contempt.”

The visibly angry and worried Chief Amaechi, further alleged that “people are occupying public positions they did not win, the judiciary are delivering ridiculous and ludicrous judgments while security is denied the people.”

“The judiciary must revise and reverse some of the scandalous judgements they delivered in recent tines which have brought the country to shameful obloquy in the world.”

Chief Amechi who recently turned 90 on June 16, 2019 further alleged that the security of the country has been handed over to a particular microscopic tribe from a region of the country and the rest of the nation denied protection, adding that when they plan to defend and secure themselves the Atyorney-General quotes the law upside down.”

“This country is being driven to the dangerous precipice. The country is going, going and the people must rise and defend their freedom and democracy.

“Where are the civil rights people? Where are the organized labour; Where are the youths and students; where are the masses if this country?

“Nigerians of this age give the impression that they are a generation of cowards, imbeciles and spinless jelly fish. My generation fought and gave you freedom and unity; if you cannot defend or protect the liberty and nation we gave you, history will judge you most unkindly.

“Nigerians must meet as a matter of urgency to negotiate the basis of this Union. Anybody who opposes such give and take dialogue is the greatest enemy of Nigeria and must bear responsibilities for any unhealthy development.”


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