January 31, 2020

Mixed reactions trail FG’s payment of N33,000 NYSC members ‘allawee’

Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, Director General Of The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC on his visit to Bauchi orientation camp

Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, Director General Of The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC on his visit to Bauchi orientation camp

By Rasheed Sobowale

Following the announcement of the N33,000 monthly allowance for the members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the members have been all over the social media jubilating after notifications from their banks of being credited with the said sum.

However, there are some who claimed to have not yet received their payment; a development that is typical of the payment of the Corps members allowance (popularly known as “allawee”). This does not mean they will not receive the payment; it is usually either their banks delay alerting them or payment of members in their states was delayed.

The news of the confirmation of the new allowance was welcomed with mixed reactions by the Corp members (“Corpers”).

– Big boys club –

Some of the Corps members sarcastically commented the new allowance has upgraded them to the big boys club.

A twitter user with the display name NYSC Boo commented: “When my 33k allawee enters….. Quillox all the way”

@ogunniyiolanre4 said “I am confused which one should I buy Benz or BMW.?. 33k is a goal.”

Me checking out estates to buy in Lekki once this allawee enters.”

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@Cutewalterr33k Alawee don enter… who wants to shut down Quilox tonight?”

lamar mosesSo I will be serving later this year…Since it’s been confirmed that the 33k is real.. Before I finish my NYSC is should have a benz, a house in lekki, various lands and with my wedding money ready”
1865 @westcoast1865  I need to get a land in my village, buy a sports car for my mother and send a girl to the university.” 
Damn u access bank, I work for my money so pay me my allawee.”
Dkinz @OfficialWDC1  “Now I can sing the NYSC anthem with all my heart. Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.”

– Ex-NYSC members wish to serve again –

please I want to reapply for service. I was young and wasn’t thinking straight, didn’t know what I was doing then. If you give me a second chance, I promise to serve our fatherland with and strength

– Call for Arrears –

Lola Okunrin @lollypeezleNYSC, you are owing me!!! I collected 19,800 during my time (so unfair) Now it is 33,000 33,000 – 200 (Bank charge) = 32,800 32,800 – 19,800 = 13,000 13,000 X 12months = 156,000 Kindly send 150k to my bank. Keep the change”
Its not yet over man, pay the arrears as we all know the minimum wage was sign into law since April last year.”
Federal government when are the ex Corp members receiving their remaining balance.”

– Call for increase in working class salary –

Tife @Tife_fabunmi Dear Employers of Labor; #NYSC has started paying Corp members 33k, please don’t offer any pay lesser than 50k when they start applying for a position in your companies. We don’t want to see any “Fresh graduate with 3 years experience, pay is 30k” advert.”
It’s only in Nigeria that we see person collect 33k during #NYSC only to finish and be looking for job of 30k.”