January 6, 2020

Hisbah releases 15 transvestites to parents after rehabilitation

Hisbah arrests 2 in Jigawa over alleged homosexual act

By Abdulmumin Murtala

The Kano Shari’a police called Hizbah has released 15 transvestites to their parents. They were arrested during a raid on Thursday while partying.

They were accused of dressing and acting like women which contravenes the moral codes of the Shari’a law. The act of males dressing and acting like females and vice versa is considered to be a taboo under the Shari’a law for which one is said to be cursed by God.

Announcing their release Muhammad Albakari Mika’il, the deputy Commander, Special Services of the Hizbah explained to Vanguard that “We have arrested 15 transvestites in one of our operations. Some of them were arrested at a resort called Rendezvous along Hadejia road while others were arrested at another joint at Sabon Gandu all in Kano.

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“We investigated and found out that most of them were first-time offenders. Usually, as the Shari’a police, when it is confirmed that a person is a first-time offender he is made to undergo a brief rehabilitation.

“Their patents are informed and we preach moral virtues to them and make them understand that it is a taboo in Islam to act in such manner.

“We also make them to undergo some spiritual rehabilitation through prayers and Qur’anic recitation to help them recollect themselves.

“We finally release them to their parents after signing an undertaking with them that they will not allow their children to engage in such immoral acts.”

The Hisbah commander further debunked media reports that the arrested persons were homosexuals adding that they were actually transvestites who dress and act like women and serve as agents for prostitute.

He thereby called on the public to observe moral virtues as instructed by the tenets of the Shari’a.

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