By Jeremiah Urowayino

Helen Oritsejafor

Wife of former President, Christain Association of Nigeria, CAN, Mrs. Helen Oristejafor, has said that being successful in 2020 requires an entire transformation of a person’s life.

She said this at the just concluded 5th edition of the CEO’s Mentorship Class in Warri, adding that success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the fundamentals of life.

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Oritsejafor said the 5th edition of the event had viewers from across the globe.

She further said there is a need to take stock of the year 2019 to be able to set new goals.

Her words: “Discipline and step-by-step procedures: In wealth creation amongst other things, discipline and habit should be illustrated. Discipline is needed in being focused, in keeping to time, because when distractions come, you will be bound to face problems. But with a positive habit shown towards achieving your goals in the New Year, you will be unstoppable.

“Stay in your intensity and truth: I prefer to listen to people, learn from them and add to myself. I ensure to be authentic and truthful to myself. I never try to be someone else.

“Commitment and the ability to be focused: How committed are you to your goal? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? If you are indeed fully committed, motivation will follow. But many times, people follow motivation rather than commitment. If that is the case, it means that when problems arise, demotivation steps in and could stop that person from meeting their set goals.

“The obstacle is the way: With every obstacle is an opportunity to improve a condition.

Many times, people see obstacles as problems and they run from it. But seeing it as opportunities gives you a step into your future making what looks insurmountable becomes an easy ride. It is through solving difficult problems, overcoming frustration and fear that brings about the development of patience and poise in such circumstances.

“Growth and comfort cannot co-exist: Growth and evolution are incubated in pain and discomfort. Some people choose comfort over pain and remain living mediocre lives.

Abraham Maslow said “you can either step forward into growth or backward into security.

“Consistency beats intensity: Be consistent in your resolve, fall seven times but rise eight times. It is not about falling or failing but about getting up whenever you fall. It is not the individual with the greatest starting position or motivation that usually wins but the one who can last the longest, because despite what happens, they are the ones who will reach their goals.

“Choose education over entertainment: Choosing to learn instead of being entertained is a trademark or characteristic of successful people.

“A grace-filled life: Without grace nothing is achievable, it is the undeserved favour given from one to another, it begins and ends with God”.

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