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He gave his friend’s fiance a mind-blowing wedding gift!

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A group of us was having this heated conversation about how fickle men really were and how ready they always were to have a fling whenever the opportunity presented itself, no matter how serious their current relationship was.

Phil disagreed but was reluctant to discuss details in front of so many listeners. So I cornered him later. What happened to him all those years ago, he smirked, still leaves a dirty smile on his face whenever he remembers.

His story; “I’d always envied Festus in spite of the fact that we were good friends. He had the good looks that girls easily went for, on top of which, he was a co-owner of a finance house in the era of the proliferation of finance houses. His two cars were none of your tokunbo variety and he also had a bevy of sexy girlfriends to boot.

“Most of them were in the banking business like Festus whilst I worked in a Federal Ministry. But we’d been friends since our university days and our relationship worked. He liked the flashy lifestyle and I was happy to tag along with him.

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. In spite of his string of girlfriends, he made the effort to introduce me to Lola soon after they started dating.

“She was very cute with glossy skin, an impressive height, and a curvaceous body. I smiled, thinking this relationship would soon go the way of the others and it was usually Festus that gave the girls the boots.

But a few months later, it was obvious that Lola was special to him. He didn’t hop around girls as he used to and even Maria, the ex-girlfriend we were all familiar with and who’d always had sex with Festus on and off through his many relationships, was off the scene.

He didn’t hang out with us much on Friday nights though we still had a few nights out now and then.

“When Festus confided in me that they would soon be getting married, I was actually jealous. I know that sounds inconsiderate, but Festus was my best friend, and through him, I’d met a few friends of his gorgeous girlfriends.

Now he would be too busy planning and saving for the wedding to have time for his friends. So when the Easter period came and we planned the usual holiday in a neighbouring country, I was pleasantly surprised when Festus agreed to come with Lola.

Well, that was better than not having him around at all as he often picked up a few tabs. I would have to forget about meeting any girl through him even though I was in-between girlfriends, and Lola wouldn’t be bringing any friends.

“The first night was great as we relaxed by the pool of the hotel we lodged at and went to the night club later. The next day, Festus came down with a nasty diarrhea and couldn’t do much.

But he urged me to take Lola with us for the much advertised Easter Sunday bash. Up till then, I’d fancied her and we’d flirted outrageously, but that was it. I never thought for a moment that anything would ever come of it.

At the Easter party, we started off ok, but as the wine flowed, so did flirting. When Festus was around, it was just fun, without him, the tension became real. There was the feeling that we just might end up in bed together.

I couldn’t believe my luck! I knew I should put a stop to things right then, but I also realized I couldn’t. Chances like this didn’t come my way that often. The other couples left and I asked Lola to drink up so I could drive her back to the hotel.

“By this time, we’d both had too much drink. In the car, I tried to talk about the impending wedding, but when I mentioned it, Lola grabbed my crotch. I was shocked. I should have put a stop to things right then but when she suggested we parked somewhere quiet, I didn’t hesitate.

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As she made a play for me, it was the invitation I was looking for. She giggled mischievously as I reclined the seat of the roomy car and the sex that night was the most incredible of my life.

The fact that I was having a bit of the forbidden fruit just made the turn-on better. The blow job she gave me was out of this world and she knew just when to slip a condom on me, talking real dirty and telling me she’d never had such mind-blowing sex.

That boosted my ego no end-for once, I was doing something better than Festus. “It was incredible luck that we never got caught as we both came very loudly. When it was over, I was suddenly sober and hugged her, hoping we could do it again.

But Lola was obviously feeling guilty and terrified I’d tell Festus. She apologized over and over again, saying she shouldn’t have lost control like she did. I promised I wouldn’t tell Festus and I meant it. I felt guilty too but never would I regret that kind of sexual experience.

“We were awkwardly quiet on the drive back to the hotel and I felt sorry for Lola. The sex was just flirting that got out of hand after too many booze, and I was sure the experience was bound to affect my friendship with Festus.

He noticed the atmosphere between us the next day and I lied that we hadn’t got on that well on our own – that we didn’t have that much in common. My friend was too conceited to suspect anything that happened.

Deep down, however, I knew Lola fancied me, and that last night she’d wanted me more than her fiance. That gave my ego a real boost!
“As the day of their wedding drew near, I saw much less of the two of them. Even on the few times, I was alone with her, neither of us mentioned our night of passion or flirted. After they got married, Lola avoided me.

I wasn’t jealous, Festus married her after all, I knew only too well what Lola could get up to behind his back. I was relieved when Festus chose his younger brother to be best man. If I’d been chosen, heavens only knew what type of speech I would have delivered.”

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