January 22, 2020

Guinea-Bissau electoral commission confirms Embalo as president

Guinea-Bissau electoral commission confirms Embalo as president

Guinea-Bissau’s national electoral commission on Wednesday confirmed former Prime Minister Umaro Embalo as the winner of the presidential election after the Supreme Court threw the result into doubt last week.

On Friday, the court had called for a clarification of the tally hours after the electoral commission released the final results that showed Embalo’s victory with 54 percent of votes cast versus Domingos Pereira’s 46 percent.

“The Supreme Court ruling has been scrupulously followed,” the commission said in a statement released on Wednesday.

“All that remains to do is follow the swearing-in procedure.”

Embolo had earlier been hailed as the winner of last month’s runoff vote.

But the runner-up and ruling party candidate Pereira had contested the results, saying the election was marred by fraud.

There was no immediate reaction on Wednesday from both politicians to the commission’s announcement. (NAN)